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    Adobe Apps for Education    Presentation by Adobe Education Oct 8, 2013 Products Prelude Adobe Experience Cloud Typekit
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    Adobe Apps for Education provides an introduction to Adobe software applications, helps you learn what you can create, and inspires with ideas for sample projects using these tools. The document categorizes the types of digital content that you can create with Adobe software applications and identifies which tools are best for creating different kinds of content. Each content category includes sample projects for beginner, intermediate, and expert Adobe users. Some projects include hyperlinks to tutorials on Adobe Help and the Adobe Education Exchange. The document also includes an Adobe app glossary to help you easily identify the wide diversity of software applications Adobe offers. This document is published in three different formats: Low resolution interactive PDF file - this version is ideal for sharing digitally or sending over email and includes hyperlinks to tutorialsHigh resolution interactive PDF file - this version is ideal for sharing digitally and includes hyperlinks to tutorialsPrint PDF - this version is ideal for printing for use in classrooms, but does not contain hyperlinks to tutorials. Please let us know your comments and feedback below. This document will be updated periodically to add new tutorials and adjust sample project and applications as required. File Updates: Files updated on October 18, 2017 to include Adobe Dimension, Adobe XD, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Experience Cloud, (including Adobe Advertising Cloud, Adobe Analytics Cloud, and Adobe Marketing Cloud), Captivate Prime, and Adobe Scan.Files updated on May 19, 2016 to include Adobe Spark.Files updated on March 16, 2016 to include Capture CC, Post, Photoshop Fix, Animate CC, Experience Design CC (Preview), Fuse CC (Preview), Character Animator, and Portfolio. Files updated on July 13, 2015 to include Preview CC, Comp CC, Hue CC, Brackets, Slate, and Stock; Links to tutorials fixed and additional links added; product icons now show product name on cursor rolloverFiles updated on November 3, 2014 to include Behance, Behance ProSite, Adobe Framemaker, Voice, Brush, Shape, Color, Illustrator Draw, Illustrator Line, Photoshop Mix, Photoshop Sketch, Ink and Slide, and Premiere Clip; Product glossary now includes links to product information on adobe.comFiles updated on March 26, 2014 to include Adobe LeanPrint.

    Justin Johnson Member Participant Joined Dec 13, 2017 Products Typekit Acrobat Adobe Stock

    My first interests in the creative world were drawing and sculpting, then after receiving my college degree I was passionate about digital multimedia design.

    photoshop Project by lord king Jan 20, 2018 Products Prelude Adobe Experience Cloud Typekit
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    Hello i love to work in photoshop

    David Giles Member Member Joined Jan 16, 2018 Products Acrobat ColdFusion Dreamweaver

    I have a Masters of Education in Learning and Technology and am currently enrolled in an MS in Heath Informatics and Information Systems.

    Omar Castillo Member Participant Joined Jan 4, 2018 Products Adobe Premiere Pro Dreamweaver Photoshop

    YOGESH KUMAR Member Participant Joined Dec 23, 2017 Products Prelude Adobe Experience Cloud Typekit

    Ralph Holland Member Participant Joined Nov 7, 2017 Products Prelude Adobe Experience Cloud Typekit

    Learning Technology Specialist

    George Watson Member Contributor Joined Oct 5, 2017 Products Adobe Analytics Cloud Brackets Adobe Spark

    I've been in the IT field for more than 20 yrs. I support hardware, software and users of both. My passion lies in web programming, design and teaching.

    Suzanne Brodsky Member Participant Joined Jan 4, 2017 Products Photoshop Adobe Captivate Prime

    I'm currently a graduate student in Educational Technology working towards my second Master's Degree. My first degree is Childhood Ed, Grades 1-6.

    Chris Lucas Member Participant Joined Nov 30, 2015 Products Prelude Acrobat Audition