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    Game On Features Web Link by Mike Skocko Jul 7, 2016 Products Adobe Creative Cloud 192 0

    A lengthy blog post exploring our free WordPress plugin's features. Post: http://maclab.guhsd.net/game-on-a-work-in-progress/ AEE Game On Group: https://edex.adobe.com/group/game-on/

    Learn Adobe Animate CC: The Basics Web Link by Joseph Labrecque Jun 21, 2016 Products Animate 2.7k 2

    Produce rich animations for the web and output to virtually any format with Adobe Animate CC. Join Joseph Labrecque as he demonstrates how to create interactive and static graphics for the web. He shows you how to get started with a new project and use the fundamental components of the interface: the panels, the workspace, the stage, the timeline, and the pasteboard. Next, he explores importing AI and PSD files, including leveraging tools that allow you to modify imported content. Then, he walks you through working with text, drawing shapes, creating vector objects, and maintaining these assets in an organized library. Of course, this course wouldn’t be complete without a breakdown of essential animation features. So, you’ll get to see how to use the timeline, add motion or shape tweens, code interactive buttons, and finally publish to various formats. Duration: 2 hours 21 minutes

    Mysteries of the Bone Tool Web Link by Joseph Labrecque Jun 20, 2016 Products Flash Player Animate Adobe AIR 217 0

    Adobe Animate CC includes a really interesting tool that not many users know about. In fact, this subject is way beyond the scope of a single tool – as it encompasses and entirely different way of assembling and animating content in the Timeline. Let’s have a look at some of the ways you can use the Bone and Bind tools to create intricate Armatures in Animate using inverse kinematics!

    Cinematography - Production & Post Production tutorials Web Link by Andrew On Yi Lai Aug 8, 2015 Products Adobe Creative Cloud Adobe Premiere Pro Premiere Clip
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    Hello All! Below is a link to two playlists i have gathered from across a variety of film tutorial videos on YouTube. The first one is production focused including videos on: camera operation, movement, framing, lighting, white balance and sound recording. The second one is more geared towards Post-production techniques using Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro. These playlists serve as a great reference for my senior Multimedia students when they are undertaking the film unit at school. We use DSLR cameras for all our video work at school. Would love to get feedback on this list and suggestions for other film based tutorials that you find valuable to your teaching! Cinematography Fundamentals (Production) Cinematography Intermediate (Post) Regards, Andrew Lai

    Copyright Clearance Center video and downloads Web Link by Ms Lynn Cobbs Jul 15, 2015 Products Acrobat Adobe Creative Cloud Photoshop
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    This is a link to the Copyright Clearance Center video and podcast page. This site has downloadable videos and handouts on copyright policies and uses. http://www.copyright.com/learn/media-downloads/videos/

    Adobe Quizzes Web Link by Fred Benitez Feb 23, 2018 Products Photoshop Illustrator InDesign 2 0

    These are some solid resources for reviewing terms, diagrams, short cuts, and interfaces of Adobe applications. You can search to find app specific reviews too!

    Applied Multimedia course materials Web Link by Chris Clark Mar 13, 2017 Products Adobe Premiere Pro Photoshop 176 0

    Comprehensive website includes syllabus, project descriptions, how-to materials, and more for a 3-credit college course on media literacy. Students learn to capture and edit audio, images, and video. They also learn media language and how to critique media. All original material is provided under a CC:BY-SA license.

    Mobile Storytelling- Mobile app technology- Open Sourced Resource Web Link by Rebecca Stewart Oct 29, 2016 Products Adobe Capture CC Adobe Creative Cloud Premiere Clip
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    Mobile Story Telling.- Flipped Learning & Open sourced resource. Adobe Clip/Spark etc, Smart devices have now become a portal of opportunity to tell our stories. With the help of mobile apps this has become even easier. And smart devices are now not only a platform to share content on, but also a platform to create. Adobe apps like Clip & the Creative Cloud app, massively help and streamline the workflow. The smart device is now capturing processing and networking. This hand out is designed for students who are looking to develop their skill set in mobile technologies and how we create and share stories on them. From how they can open and Adobe ID, download the the creative apps, to what lenses and sound kits they need to consider when working with mobile workflows. All videos have been vetted prior to sharing and this handout has been adaptable to all students across multiple subjects of Media, Such as Media & Communication, Journalism, Media Production & Photography. Mobile Storytelling Link

    Basic Rules Of Filming With A DSRL.- Flipped/Open Sourced Learning Material- Adobe Spark Page- Web Link by Rebecca Stewart Oct 29, 2016 Products Adobe Premiere Pro Story Adobe Spark 852 0

    The Basic Rules Of Filming With A DSLR.- ADOBE SPARK PAGE Is an open sourced learning material that is designed to be used in a flipped classrooms environment to develop technical skills, in video film making. All videos have been vetted for context and have been considered in the technical workflow of the student. You should use this alongside an activity when they are in class. This is where the classroom can become creative, due to the bedrock knowledge being learned through independent study. Some of the theme I have used have been:Halloween Lighting.Macro FlowersKelvin Balancing the seasons. The use of open sourced and flipped learning is to develop an independent learner in the student. Flipped learning interns when practiced correctly allow students to creatively explore within their own practice and creative development. Basic Rules of FIlming with a DSLR >>> Link to Open Source

    Sketchnoting - An Introduction to Visual Notetaking Web Link by Andrew On Yi Lai Oct 5, 2016 Products Acrobat Adobe Capture CC Photoshop
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    Hello All! The following resource is something I put together during the Adobe Education Leadership Summit 2016 held at the Adobe office in Sydney, Australia. It serves as a quick guide and overview into the possibilities of Sketchnoting in supporting learning and teaching. I have been teaching and encouraging all my students to utilise visual thinking when making notes and there has been an overwhelmingly positive response to this mode of learning with significantly increased levels of student engagement, understanding and creative thinking. Sketchnoting is a visual notetaking system which focuses on encapsulating big ideas in a visual form, utilising a combination of typography, signs, symbols and shapes to help facilitate learning and teaching. Here is a link to the resource which explains the process of sketchnoting including a range of student examples as well! Created using Adobe Spark - Sketchnoting - An Introduction to Visual Notetaking Thanks! Feel free to connect with me @misterAOY on Twitter or Instagram or if you'd like to see and learn more!

    Learn Adobe Animate CC: Data-Driven Animation Web Link by Joseph Labrecque Sep 7, 2016 Products Animate 478 1

    Learn to create data-driven animations, such as a data-driven image carousel and an interactive RSS feed, using Adobe Animate CC—the newly relaunched version of Flash Professional. Joseph Labrecque takes you through both projects step-by-step, providing easy-to-follow instructions for interacting with JSON and XML data sets and using jQuery to ingest and parse data in HTML5 Canvas-based projects. The complete carousel will display images, captions, and controls for customizing the transitions, while the RSS feed display will load news items in a "click to view more" animated interface. Find out how to set up each project, build the interfaces, ingest data, apply animation, and program user controls. Plus, learn advanced techniques for creating dynamic titles.

    Learn Adobe Animate CC: Interactive Animation Web Link by Joseph Labrecque Sep 7, 2016 Products Animate 580 0

    Learn the most efficient way to create interactive animations for web, mobile, and desktop projects with Adobe Animate CC, the newly relaunched version of Flash Professional. This project-based course features two assignments: an animated web banner that responds to mouse movement, touch input, and clicks, and a three-state interactive animation that plays like a game. Joseph Labrecque shows how to set up the Animate workspace, prepare the stage, use both keyframe and procedural-based workflows, create titles, and program interactions. Plus, learn how to integrate both completed animations into a self-contained responsive webpage.

    HTML Cheat Sheet (For Beginners) Web Link by Matt Niemitz Jun 24, 2016 Products Dreamweaver 429 0

    This awesome and comprehensive cheat sheet is a great resource for those starting out with web development or for handing out to students who are just starting to learn HTML coding. There are sections that describe common HTML tags for document summaries, document information, document structure, text, links, images, lists, forms, tables, objects and iFrames, HTML5 new tags, and collective character objects. It's available in PDF and PNG formats at the weblink below.

    Adobe Animate CC: New Features Web Link by Joseph Labrecque Jun 21, 2016 Products Animate 786 1

    Animate CC is Adobe’s focused animation platform that takes all the best tools from Flash and bundles them with Creative Cloud features. Now it’s better than ever. Learn all about the enhancements in the June 2016 release of Adobe Animate CC with expert Joseph Labrecque. Discover the new advanced import options for Photoshop and Illustrator files, pattern brushes, drawing modes, transparency controls, and responsive design features, as well as publishing improvements such as stage alignment, preloader options, and Flash Player and AIR updates. Duration: 35 minutes 31 seconds

    Easing and the Motion Editor Web Link by Joseph Labrecque Jun 20, 2016 Products Flash Player Animate Adobe AIR 664 0

    Even a small amount of easing, if applied correctly to an animated object, can go far in conveying a truer sense of reality and weight. Animate CC includes a number of mechanisms for applying easing in this way, and we will examine how to apply simple and advanced easing in this article… with a focus on the new and improved Motion Editor.

    Using HTML5 Canvas In Animate CC: JavaScript Basics Web Link by Joseph Labrecque Jun 20, 2016 Products Flash Player Animate Adobe AIR 892 0

    For nearly 20 years, the programming language used within Animate (Flash Professional) projects has been ActionScript. So why the current shift to JavaScript? Well, it isn’t exactly as simple as that. For one thing, Animate is not a JavaScript only application. You use JavaScript in projects which require it, such as HTML5 Canvas and WebGL… but you can still use ActionScript on projects which are to be published for Flash Player or AIR, including AIR for Android and iOS – and Adobe continues to update these runtimes. It’s important to note that Animate is not a JavaScript and web-centric application – but is rather a platform and language agnostic application for working across a variety of platforms.