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    Introduction to Creative Commons (self contained Adobe Spark Student Resource & Lesson Plan) Digital Asset by Ian Upton Apr 21, 2015 Products Adobe Spark 68k 37

    This is an Adobe Spark tutorial based on a session I run within various courses here at the University. DOWNLOAD LESSON PLAN LINK TO ADOBE SPARK TUTORIAL The session should last about 45 mins. I have run this session in many forms for a number of years. It appears to work with many fundamental concepts being understood. I am really pleased with this latest Adobe Spark manifestation which students can follow along with on phones and pads and have access to within our virtual learning environments. Enjoy! Comments welcomed! Ian.

    Templates for creating fake Instagram posts and profiles Digital Asset by Megan Townes Oct 21, 2013 Products Photoshop Photoshop Elements 235k 57

    Want to use social media in the classroom but it's blocked? Never fear, use these templates to create Instagram profiles or photo uploads from famous people from history, fictional characters or today's celebrities, politicians and sports stars. These Instagram templates will allow you and your students to create a fake Instagram post and/or an Instagram profile. Editable components include the image(s), username, profile picture, post text, first comment, and number of photo uploads, followers and following. You will need to have the Roboto font installed on your computer if you would like the font to best reflect the font used by Instagram. I recommend downloading and loading this set of Instagram actions into Photoshop so you can apply Instagram-like filters to the photographs that you use in assembling a profile or photo. Credit to motheer-212. Check out this 'How to' on loading actions. Students will need to know how to insert images, move image layers, and edit text. What a great way to introduce them to these basic Photoshop concepts. Have fun!

    The 5x5 Filmmaking Challenge Digital Asset by Ian Upton May 25, 2017 Products Premiere Clip Adobe Spark 725 3

    I have used this exercise with many, many students. It is a powerful activity that will encourage those new to film and challenge experienced filmmakers. This resource introduces the challenge and provides guidance, resources and example to support your students in their task. This Adobe Spark enables students to take the challenges and resources with them in an accessible form on thier smartphone. The 5x5 Filmmaking Challenge Where this challenge really comes into it's own is when used with a group screening and discussion. I send students out to create. We all get back together and critically discuss eachothers work. I have never failed to pull some valuable element for discussion out of a film. Even a collection of 'random shots' can be used to consider narrative and pace. Make sure you let the students themselves talk as much as possible. Act as a 'guide on the side' and challenge your students with questions for discussion. For example: - How do we feel the order of the clips created a narrative? - Why did you choose to shoot the subject in this way? - How does the sound effect the work? These sessions can be great fun and as a lecturer very rewarding. I am always humbled by the creativity of my students and this exercise challenges them to shine!

    Digital Media Projects with Adobe Spark Digital Asset by Adobe Education May 12, 2016 Products Adobe Spark 5.8k 9

    Adobe Spark allows educators and students to create fun and engaging digital media projects in minutes. These resources will help you get started: Step-by-Step Guide: Helps you and your students learn the basics so you can start creating right away.Assessment Rubric: Works with any project in which students are creating digital media with Spark.Animated Gifs: You can add these to your presentations or class website to help students remember how to use Spark. Learn more about how you can use Adobe Spark in your classroom here: http://edex.adobe.com/spark

    A Brief Lesson on Color Theory Digital Asset by Kev Lavery Feb 28, 2016 Products After Effects Illustrator Behance 2.1k 11

    A perfect little video on Colour Theory by Rhea Lelina Manglapus. It's a motion piece made with After Effects and Illustrator and is a great way to introduce (or reintroduce) students to some of the important concepts of colour theory in a visually interesting and entertaining way. Have a look on her Behance page for more works as well as some single frames and GIFs of some sections. She is quite talented.

    My pledge to support creativity in education Digital Asset by Matthew Miller Feb 5, 2015 Products Photoshop Bridge 2.3k 3

    In the hopes that this will inspire you to support creativity in education, I wrote my pledge on a whiteboard and challenged myself to fill the board with pictures, at least some of which told a bit of a story or related to stories I know. I hope you enjoy it. This is released into the public domain; if you'd like to use it for anything, feel free.

    The Art of Storytelling I: Steps of a Story Digital Asset by Deila Bumgardner Nov 3, 2014 Products Adobe Premiere Pro Story Adobe Spark 10k 29

    These steps are found in Alexander MacKendrick's On Filmmaking: The Craft of the Director. Storytelling is at the heart of the video making process. These steps are a great method and process for deconstructing the stories we love and as an outline for building new ones.

    Moon Phase Puzzle Digital Asset by Eliot Attridge Jun 9, 2014 Products Adobe Captivate 3.4k 5

    This is a Moon Phase Puzzle created with Adobe Captivate 8. Once the file is opened and the user presented with the Earth surrounded by the moon in a number of different positions. At the bottom of the screen are 7 moon phases (the New Moon, being invisible, is not shown). Students drag and drop the correct phase onto the set location. If a mistake is made, the whole puzzle can be reset using the reset button. If the moon phases are submitted and they are all correct, then a congratulations screen is shown. Otherwise the puzzle is reset and the student is asked to try again until they get it right.

    Bloom's Taxonomy & Webb's Depth of Knowledge reference posters Digital Asset by Marc Ross Dec 26, 2017 Products Illustrator 1 0

    These are companion pieces created in Illustrator and saved in PDF form for easier distribution. You will need a vector based program to edit the files. Inkscape, as an alternative, can handle the import but the original layout and elements may be affected. Webb's file dimensions 24"x31" (Recommended for printing to 8.5"x11"). Bloom's file dimensions 24"x36" (Recommended for printing to 11"x17"). You can print these full size or use this on an interactive whiteboard for presentations. I originally created the latter over 6 years ago (2011) as a study guide during my college preparatory classes. As such, I do not recall the source of the graphic images/icons used in the file. I did a lot of web-design back then do it might have been a web-related resource site. I am positive that they are usable under the Creative Commons license but if you are the owner of them please contact me so as to be properly attributed.

    Alliteration Digital Asset by Juliette Bentley Oct 3, 2017 Products Adobe Spark 0 0

    This Spark page is a lesson in alliteration. It introduces students to the concept and gives two examples using a rap and V for Vendetta clips. Students then engage in a short activity, creating their own alliterative responses to images on a glide and this then culminates in students creating their own Spark POST, Page or video.

    Primary Mathematics - Interactive material using Acrobat Pro DC Digital Asset by Jeff Kutcher Aug 29, 2017 Products Acrobat 39 0

    Interactive PDF documents for Primary level Mathematics. It is possible to create or adapt existing PDF documents using many of the features found in the 'Prepare Form' Tool, and applying javascript in such a way as to create rich resources for the classroom. Potential advantage There are many excellent fully animated interactive Maths programs on the market. This does not replace them, but fills in the gaps, especially when teachers are looking for one resource that could cover a range of ability levels that can be used off-line (especially if there are problems accessing the internet) . Attached example pages Sample 1 - Just a page that can be printed and numbers added manually. Easy to prepare using the features in 'Edit PDF'. Sample 2 - Questions can be typed in and even the answers if needed. Only a little javascript needed to make the 'Clear' button work. Sample 3 - Click on the stars - 5 sets of questions on adding without bridging 10 - each a bit more difficult than the other, with an example of each level. Some javascript needed here. Sample 4 - Click on the smiley faces - 3 sets of differentiated questions - subtraction without bridging 10 - set randomly within constraints. More javascript needed here. Sample 5 - Sequences - 3 levels, randomly generated with the possibility of setting the upper and lower limits of the first term of the sequence. For a teacher projecting this onto an Interactive White Board the answers can be typed or written in the boxes. The second page holds the answers for that one set of question created after pressing the smiley face. The CLEAR button wipes the page clean of all numbers. By printing out the question and answer pages there is a ready set of resources to be used at any time in the future. Pages produced so far Basic operations - Addition & Subtraction - without bridging only, Multiplication, Division with remainders and decimalsArithmetic Sequences - Increasing & decreasing, randomized start number & differences between terms.Show / Hide objects or numbers - PresetRandomness - Can be applied to most number work & calculation pages. Still figuring out how to do Place an object in a specific or random location on a pageShow a number (or sum) matching the same number of objects Right or wrong response to an input Questions Has anyone out there tried developing PDF documents for Primary Mathematics ? If so ... how far have you got & any serious limitations ? Is there a better way to produce multi-level question sheets as a teaching and learning too for off line work ?

    Elements and Principles of Art + Design - In-class Written Response #1 Digital Asset by Alison Blackwell Jun 5, 2017 Products Acrobat InDesign 1.3k 2

    This in-class response if the first in a series, used to build student understanding and application of descriptive art + design language. Students are scaffolded through a series of tasks, with the elements and principles list supplied in this first attempt. It can be completed as a digital PDF form or completed on paper. Attached is the marking key and completed sample. I often have students self-assess this one in preparation for in-class response #2. Exam preparation.

    Working with type in Illustrator Digital Asset by Fred Benitez Mar 22, 2017 Products Illustrator 219 0

    I created this file as a way to reinforce early AI users on working with type in Illustrator. The file introduces using type on a path, area type tool, and adjusting type layouts. I added two challenges in the file (with tips in hidden layers) as a quick way for students to test their abilities and for teachers to easily gauge who has learned the content. I hope you find this helpful.

    Adobe Illustrator pen tool Nearpod lesson Digital Asset by Fred Benitez Jan 11, 2017 Products Illustrator 70 2

    I wanted to create a resource that could help students learn and understand how the pen tool works in Illustrator, and I really like how Nearpod activities work, so I went ahead and created this. During class, I would present the content in real time, but also provide this lesson as a resource for students to access. I hope you find it useful for your students as well.

    Developing a project plan for a website Digital Asset by Lila White Dec 8, 2016 Products Dreamweaver 0 0

    This is a workshop where I get my students to create a project plan for a website based on a short scenario. I have attached the worksheet and a draft project plan in Microsoft Project for them to edit. It is complementary to teaching students how to plan for a website build and think about the project life cycle of a website. It is also emphasises the importantance of these pre-production tasks.

    The bully project Digital Asset by Rose Duggan Oct 4, 2016 Products Adobe Premiere Pro 16 1

    Students in grade 8 spent the day learning how to plan, produce, film, edit and export their 1-2 minute films. Students worked in groups of 3-4. They planned their film ideas using storyboard sheets, used Canon cameras to film and laptops with Adobe Premier Pro. The film attached is the winning film from the day. Interpret the stated and implied meanings in spoken texts, and use evidence to support or challenge different perspectives (ACELY1730) Use a range of software, including word processing programs, to create, edit and publish texts imaginatively (ACELY1738) Explore and explain the ways authors combine different modes and media in creating texts, and the impact of these choices on the viewer/listener (ACELY1735)

    After Effects Shortcuts Digital Asset by Kevin McMahon May 20, 2016 Products After Effects 223 1

    After Effects . . . unleashed! A useful reference to +40 of the most essential keyboard shortcuts in AE. Enjoy.

    Music Related Captivate Quizzes Digital Asset by Shannion Forrester Apr 23, 2016 Products Adobe Captivate Illustrator 389 1

    I have created a number of files using an older version of Captivate. The attached zip file includes quizzes on identifying notes (bass and treble), intervals, major scales, instruments and note values. I created these files a number of years ago, however, I still use them in class with an interactive whiteboard or placed in a LMS for students to do in their own time. I cannot remember if they are all SCORM compliant. I am planning to revisit Captivate and make more of these type of activities in the future.

    Adobe Spark Video (old Adobe Voice) Planning Worksheets and Structure Templates Digital Asset by A C Jan 22, 2016 Products Adobe Spark 4.4k 14

    Help students create terrific presentations with Adobe Spark Video by using these planning worksheets. Planning Introduction Worksheet - Use this worksheet to have students choose the Structure, the Theme, and the Music of their presentation. I have updated the worksheet to match the new structures that are in the updated version of the Adobe Spark Video App. Planning Layout Worksheet - Use this sheet to have students plan each slide of their presentation. Structure Templates - The App has seven structures that students can use to help guide them in creating their presentation. I have created templates that follow the arrangement that Adobe Spark Video has in each of the seven structures. Those structures are: Promote an Idea, Tell What Happened, A Hero's Journey, Show and Tell, Personal Growth, Teach a Lesson, and An Invitation. Adobe Spark Video is made so that so students can plan and create while using their iPad/iPhone and now their computer! However, if your school is like our school, we must share our technology with other classrooms. Since our time with the technology is limited, I find that it is helpful that students have organized their thoughts and planned their presentations before they can create their presentation. Once the students have created a few Spark Videos using the templates, have them try creating a Video without a template! Spark Video is so easy to use that students can do their planning and creating at the same time.

    The Ultimate Adobe CC Keyboard Shortcuts List Digital Asset by Kev Lavery Jun 23, 2015 Products Adobe Creative Cloud Adobe Premiere Pro Photoshop
    19k 36

    An absolutely amazing resources for CC users. Covers shortcuts and quick keys for Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Fireworks, Flash, Premiere and After Effects. Here is the weblink for it but I've also included the downloaded assets in PDF and JPEG form for your convenience.

    Photoshop Tools and Cursors Digital Asset by Angelo Spiler Jun 14, 2015 Products Photoshop 1.6k 5

    This is a complete set of screenshots of the individual tools and cursors of Photoshop. I use them in my tutorials, presentations and quizzes. They are in PNG-format. Since I could not find them on the internet, I collected them myself to share.

    Social Media Templates for Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign Digital Asset by Tanya Hopper Mar 18, 2015 Products Photoshop Illustrator InDesign 36k 30

    These are template files for the most common social media platforms for profiles, covers, banners, posts, and backgrounds. Posts are named AdBlanks because I primarily use them for creating ads for the content I create. These really make life easier when you have 20+ walls, circles, and tweeters to manage :) I also have these for Quark. If you would like them please ask, and I will send them to you.