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    Teaching Adobe After Effects Discussion by Ishita Jain Jan 13, 2017 Products Adobe Premiere Pro After Effects Adobe Spark
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    Hello All, I am Ishita Jain, an architect, currently teaching at a university. I am proposing a Speculative Architecture Studio, where the students are required to build narratives of their contexts and we would like for them to learn After Effects as a tools. While I am scouting around Ahmedabad, Gujarat for professionals who can come down and teach, the search isn't yielding some great results so far. Can anyone suggest an online platform where some collaborations can be made?

    Looking for some material Discussion by Irene Constantinou Jan 11, 2017 Products Adobe Premiere Pro After Effects 13 0

    Hi, I am looking for some material to do an exam for my students after my teaching course will finish for Premiere CC and After effects CC.

    Are Randomized Assessments More Effective? Discussion by John Weisenfeld Jan 7, 2017 Products Acrobat 5 0

    I believe my students are able to demonstrate their learning better using a randomized assessments. I build these in Acrobat and here is a video of my process. A Physics Quiz that Changes! What do you think of this concept? Do you know anyone else doing something similar?

    Teaching Film & Video: In My Creative Classroom Interview with Ian Upton, AET, Artist and Film/Video Professor Discussion by Melissa Oldrin Jan 6, 2017 Products Adobe Premiere Pro Adobe Connect 0 0

    For some great insights and ideas on teaching film and video, please check out this interview recording with Ian Upton, Adobe Education Trainer, artist, technologist, educator, and lecturer. Ian Upton, AET, was interviewed for the Adobe Education Series, "In My Creative Classroom". Ian has many talents, especially for teaching film and for inspiring students to tap into their creativity. Within the live chat recording, you'll see examples of Ian's students' work, hear his best practices for empowering students to get really creative and how to assess creative assignments/work without crushing student confidence. Ian shares the challenges he issued to students during his course, and below is more more description of the assignments (provided by Ian): Challenge One : The 5x5Five, five-second clips, natural sound as recorded. Shot on mobile. Simply cut together. No transitions.- Gives everyone the chance to get to grips with the Premiere Pro Workflow. From importing, through editing and exporting to YouTube. I provide a worksheet that takes students step by step through the process. I also create a 5x5 in class.- A great confidence builder for novices. Easy to create. Always produces a narrative - even if random. Always produces something that can be peer discussed.- A real challenge for experts. Stripping away all the bells and whistles leaving just image and narrative to work with.- The 5x5 Challenge is uploaded to social media and watched and discussed as a group.- The group discussion is invaluable. Filmmakers can see the reaction to THEIR film and benchmark what they have done against others. Builds a real ‘peer-driven group.'- Here is an example by Dang Chan Nhan. 'Swivel' A simple idea. Well executed. And an excellent vehicle for discussion* Notice how he has used a variety of shots and introduced a narrative twist with the final clip.https://vimeo.com/59177273 (Dang went on to produce this beautiful short film 'Draw My Relationship' for his final project https://vimeo.com/64346008) Challenge Two: The One Word StoryIn this challenge, I ask the students to choose an emotive word and create a film that makes people feel that emotion. This challenge enables us to explore colour and sound as part of our narratives. I also introduce Creative Commons and Copyright (along with sites such as incompetech.com - a great soundtrack source).I love this challenge as it gets students thinking about their stories. It is at this point you see students thinking about what they want to use to achieve their narrative, and Premier becomes a tool rather than the reason for making films.- Allows student, supported by a battery of online resources, to explore their interests. Sound, colour, editing, whatever. They self-direct their learnings to create something that means something to them.- As a challenge is also a great leveller as a beautifully shot and produced film if bland (they often are bland!) will be outshone by a handheld mobile production that engages.- The One Word Story Challenge is uploaded to social media and watched and discussed as a group.- The group discussion is invaluable. Filmmakers see a range of techniques used to convey the emotional word. Students hear their work discussed critically. - Here is an example by Jiamin Li. I think it is a beautiful work but also a gift for discussion. Here I would ask:- Why text? Why not 'spoken word' or imaginary?- Tell us WHY you introduced the black transitions?- Why did you take more than 45 seconds? Could you edit down to meet the brief? This stuff keeps you on your toes as a facilitator, and it's great if you can get disagreement and discussion going following a film like this.https://vimeo.com/120366120Another issue, perhaps relevant to Coventry University where I work, is the global diversity of our students. We get to see very different global perspectives as students show their work. Challenge Three: The Final ChallengeThis is where I give students free reign! A sixty-second video (exactly sixty seconds) including titles, credit, a sequence of clips and sound. The video should include transitions and effects to reinforce the narrative.My main challenge though is to create something that 'has meaning' for to the student and to convey that in the film.Again supported by a battery of online resources, I encourage students to develop what THEY are interested. Again, editing, colour, sound, etcetera. Here is another film. This by Letongang. I suspect she has used a better camera than a mobile. I feel the film is poignant and gives real insight into studying away from home. The narrative is clear and reinforced beautifully by colour and sound. https://vimeo.com/89661339 Kang Letong-FINALvimeo.comThis is "Kang Letong-FINAL" by on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them. Here is another film by Daniel Alvarez. It's great fun. Has a wonderful narrative and uses sound, colour and editing (look out for the comb) to great effect. Daniel got together with other students in the group, and they helped each other out creating their projects. This doesn’t always happen but when it does creates wonderful results.https://vimeo.com/80232661 Gringo Knightsvimeo.comThe rise, fall, heartbreak, and rediscovery of an everyday Casanova and his sworn nemesis. In Spanish, Gringo is a white man of non-spanish speaking decent usually ... Digital StorytellingIn this final section, I am going to consider assessment. When I first picked up the course, students were expected to create a powerpoint and present their films. This was a nightmare requiring two sessions and 15 minutes a student. The film was often lost in a downpour of slides tilting real discussion.So I introduced a different approach. Rather than a PowerPoint, I asked students to create a short ‘directors commentary’ along with their film. This was to be mounted with the film and students were required to watch and comment online on at least three peer films and commentaries. When we came together, I would invite each student down the from to introduce and show their film. We would then launch straight into the discussion. No presentation.Here is a film and a commentary by Kevin Cai.https://vimeo.com/122739996 What makes you happy?vimeo.comThis is the film about a daily life of a girl is losing weight. The main idea of this film is telling the people that weight-loss is hard, but you gain what you want ... https://vimeo.com/122750603Director's Commentaryvimeo.comThis is the director's commentary of What make you happy .The approach has been very successful. The discussions relate directly to the film. We can rattle through everyone's work in a single session and the international, particularly, appreciate being able to craft a commentary rather than endure the terror of a stand-up PowerPoint.Getting the student to stand at the front and watch reaction is also a great confidence booster. They don’t need to watch their film. They know it backwards. But watching others reaction is a fantastic experience.

    Best application to Zoom in For Windows Discussion by Josue Menjivar Jan 4, 2017 20 1

    Hello instructors, I teach at Langara College in Vancouver, British Columbia Canada. I teach Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. I usually teach on a Mac and I use the Accessibility feature for zooming in and out to show the tools and menus on a projector. I will begin teaching on a Windows machine and I am wondering if anyone knows of a third party software for doing this. I know Windows has a magnifying tool but it doesn't work like the Mac version. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    Installing Photoshop CC across a school - Best Practice Discussion by Jarrod Carter Jan 3, 2017 Products Photoshop 0 0

    Hi, I am about to change schools and would appreciate advice on best practice to install Photoshop across a large student body. At my old school we had a Macbook program and were able to use a Casper Self Service app to help students download and install software licenced to the school. My new school is a Bring Your Own Device arrangement with students able to bring either a windows or mac, and no self-service app in use. Has anyone been in this situation and been able to provide a seamless procedure for students to install Photoshop CC? Or any school licenced software for that matter. Any help would be much appreciated. Regards, Jarrod

    Funding programming to foster workforce ready skills Discussion by Marilee Mason Dec 25, 2016 Products Photoshop After Effects Adobe Spark
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    I'm currently at a public Math and Science based school. I would like insights to increasing funding for advances in acquiring funding to expand access for students to advances in technology. I fervently believe in STEAM and feel its gathering momentum. However, funding is a roadblock. Any thoughts out there in education or industry? Thanks, Marilee

    New Graphic Arts Class. Which book to use? Discussion by reggie rivers Dec 22, 2016 Products Illustrator Draw Photoshop Photoshop Sketch
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    I will be teaching a new graphic arts class at the high school level. We will be learning illustrator and Photoshop. I hope to develop small projects tailored toward printing t shirts and hats. I will be using the adobe illustrator and Photoshop classroom in a book but I also would like to teach students about the overall graphic art and design elements. What would be a good graphic arts textbook to supplement the classroom in a book series? Thanks

    elearning for mobile, ipad and desktop hosting from inhouse LMS Discussion by Rahina Menezes Dec 21, 2016 0 0

    Hi, I need guidance on the following: 1) I am looking for a tool/application which can help me to develop elearning for different platforms - desktop, ipad and for different mobiles. 2) Using the search engine, I found many stage sizes for Android and IOS (6s, 6, 7, 5 , 5S etc...) to develop mobile elearning course. Is it possible to have one universal stage size.

    Middle School Photography Projects Discussion by Keith Kingsbury Dec 19, 2016 Products Photoshop 431 23

    I am a middle school teacher currently teaching a course in digital photography to 7th grades. I have been looking for ideas on new projects that I can offer my students. My course is 9 weeks long and I have to teach them Photoshop, the basics of exposure and composition in photography and building websites in Weebly. Here are a list of the current projects that I do, but I am wondering if there are some other projects that anyone could recommend. 1. Shoot the ordinary-this is about composition. Student learn the basics of composition and then we venture out into the hallways and a couple of classrooms to take pictures. Students are looking for ordinary objects that they see everyday that they can present in a new point of view that will make the ordinary more interesting. We then turn all of the photos black and white to simplify them. 2. Shutter speed-after learning about shutter speed, students will photograph golf balls falling into a cup of water and try to capture the splash. 3. Depth of field-after learning about depth of field, students go outside and take photos. They must show an example of each shallow and deep depth of field to prove they understand the concept. 4. Illusion-this specifically deals with masking in Photoshop and photo manipulation. Students create an illusion using 2 or more photos and them mask them to create an illusion. 5. Multiple me-similar to the above, but students take a minimum of three separate photos of themselves in a set area. We use Photoshop to combine the images into one photo containing multiple images of themselves in that one photo. 6. Color collage-students choose a color and then photograph 4 different objects that have that color. This allows them to focus on color as the subject rather that an object as the subject. 7. Portrait-students take portrait photographs. 8. Theme assignment-every year I change up this category, but I choose a theme for the year and collect all of the theme photos to publish together in a book format. This year the theme is "abandoned." Last year it was open or closed. Students are then using Weebly to create websites to display their entire semester's worth of projects. This is also how they are graded, on the website with the photograph and its related description right next to it (what is .... How does it work? Why is it important in photography?) I would be grateful for any suggestions.

    Adobe Spark Video update Discussion by Ben Forta Dec 15, 2016 Products Adobe Spark 53 1

    Just a quick note to let you know that we've updated Adobe Spark Video with support for, yep, video. This has been the #1 requested Spark Video enhancement, and we're excited to see what students (and their teachers) do with this new functionality. Here is the announcement. As always, feedback is welcome and appreciated. --- Ben Forta

    How to best turn in Dreamweaver documents to grade? Discussion by Heather Harris Dec 12, 2016 30 1

    I've never actually used Dreamweaver myself, but need to help a substitute with having students turn in Dreamweaver assignments. Students have already submitted their html files, but all images aren't loading. What is the best way to view their files? We are uploading the completed documents into Canvas.

    LMS use in primary grades Discussion by Joy May Dec 12, 2016 27 1

    I am currently creating a Canvas course for my 3rd grade students. This LMS is new to me. I am thinking of using it as part of blended instruction. Have you used it in your classroom? How do you use it?

    What are your tips for creating instructional video? Discussion by Adobe Education Dec 9, 2016 0 0

    How might we shoot, edit and share better instructional video? From video lectures to oral history projects, so called “talking head” or “instructional” video clips can make a great addition to your teaching practice. But instructional video can be tricky to get right. What are your tips for other educators who are just getting started? Include links to good examples in your response if you can!

    Do the rules of composition still apply? Discussion by Adobe Education Dec 9, 2016 17 1

    Most design students learn the basic rules of composition early on in their education. But do the rules still apply today? If so, which are most important to follow, and which might be bent or broken in the name of creativity? Is it worth even teaching the rules anymore?

    Is clip art dead? Discussion by Adobe Education Dec 9, 2016 0 0

    How do you help students add visual interest to their presentations and projects without resorting to the cliche' of clip art? Share your suggested resources for finding vector assets, stock photography, and other types of visual assets that help young people keep their design work fresh.

    Principal Questions Coding Benefits in Class Discussion by Evon Pontino Dec 9, 2016 15 1

    I participate in the national wide movement of "Hour of Code" this week. We had to "trick" or beg our principal to participate because he thought it took away the educational process. I guess what he means is "Where is the pencil and paper work?"

    Issues with Adobe Spark when multiple students are signed in Discussion by Deirdre DeGagne Dec 8, 2016 Products Adobe Spark 40 1

    Is there anyone out there who has a solution to the issue of computers freezing, or issues such as students getting signed out, or projects not saving when multiple students are signed into and working in the same Adobe account? Typically using Adobe Spark.

    Augmented Reality - https://abasiel.wordpress.com/augmentedreality/ Discussion by Anthony Skip Basiel Dec 8, 2016 Products Dreamweaver Presenter Adobe Connect 35 1

    Hello AR Educators – I have been asked to involve you in my talk, ‘Education and Training with Augmented Reality: Virtual Knowledge?’ https://abasiel.wordpress.com/augmentedreality/ To open our discussion I would like to get your definition of what ‘KNOWLEDGE’ means to you in the context of your profession and your prior experience. Please leave a comment below and share your view. See my video at: http://youtu.be/SJRUV5W0unM

    Has anyone used Captivate for Screen Capture? Discussion by Terri Main Dec 8, 2016 Products Adobe Premiere Pro Premiere Clip Adobe Captivate 33 1

    I've been searching around for good screen capture programs to create raw cuts for demonstration videos. The various free programs have been okay, but nothing to write home about. Powerpoint's screen capture isn't bad, but I'm wondering if anyone has used a variety of screen capture programs has any comments about how Captivate compares. I am especially interested in using that video as a clip to be inserted into Premiere Pro for editing together with other content. One of the issues I've had with other programs is that the screen capture was blurry. I am hoping you can compare the new captivate with some other screen capture possibilities.

    AR/VR in the classroom Discussion by Emmalee Pearson Dec 1, 2016 Products Adobe Capture CC Photoshop After Effects
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    Interested in examples of augmented or virtual reality being used in the classroom. Seems like a great teaching tool, especially for simulations!