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Social Studies: Raising Awareness PSA

Lesson Plan Published 11/2/17 Last updated on 5/16/18

Students will create a 30-second video to raise awareness about a social issue, relevant to the topic they are studying. They will learn to evaluate effective Public Service Announcements (PSAs), and then collaborate in small groups to create persuasive PSAs; using researched facts, a storyboarding template, and the Adobe Premiere Clip app. Groups will share their PSAs with the class and use a rubric to provide feedback on their peer’s PSAs. PSAs can also be uploaded to the web and shared with a global audience.

Note:The lesson plan and associated files are available once you sign in to the Adobe Education Exchange. Google Docs are shared with view-only privileges. If you would like to use and adapt the lesson plan and resources, you will need to select File > Make a copy and add to your Google Drive.

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Theodore Newfield

Posted on 3/22/18 5:29:06 PM Permalink

​In a former life, this would have been a great tool for my Social Studies class. However, since I am a technology business teacher, I can tailor this for my CTE world.