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Media Arts Teacher (Primary School)

Using Adobe Post to create Mindfulness Presentation

Web Link Published 5/16/18 Last updated on 5/16/18

Grade 4 students took the time to focus on ‘feelings’, and discussed situations they associate with certain emotions. Being aware of their emotions can help students be mindful of how to respond constructively, so they can stay in control of a situation. They considered strategies to help with certain moods. Examples students said included drawing a picture to help get frustrations out, breathing slowly, playing music, talking to someone etc.

They spent time tuning in to body language and facial expressions to help them understand feelings in more depth. Being aware of how our bodies react to certain situations, such fear or danger, allows us to respond accordingly. I wanted to have students think about what their bodies might do in certain situations. For example, sweaty palms, racing heart beat, red cheeks etc.

Students then demonstrated certain feelings through body language. Using an iPad App called ‘Clone Camera’, they were to take photos of themselves showing different feelings through different expressions. They cloned themselves 4 times to show 4 different emotions.

They used Adobe Spark Post to enhance their ‘Clone Photos’ with text options, layouts and effects to further represent the emotions in their photos.

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Matt Dombrowski

Posted on 6/3/18 2:47:13 PM Permalink


This is amazing! So great to see others using Adobe to create positive impact and creative empowerment!


Matt Dombrowski

University of Central Florida, Limbitless Solutions