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Telling the Same Story in Five Modes: A Comparative Media Production Course

Posted on 8/11/17 by Todd Taylor Last updated on 8/11/17


This resource provides an overview, syllabus, and sample student work for a college-level media production course. The primary learning outcome for the course is for students to deepen their understanding of "how media work" both rhetorically and materially by (re)presenting the same documentary narrative in five different modes, using at least five different Adobe Creative Cloud applications:

(1) Print Magazine using InDesign

(2) Audio Podcast using Audition

(3) Film using Premiere Pro

(4) Website using Muse, Spark, or XD

(5) Mobile Application using XD

[*6] Photography using Photoshop

*Note that in this class, students didn't present photographic collections per se, but they used Photoshop a great deal to develop media for the other genres and applications.

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Carlos Calla Huayapa

Posted on 8/28/17 - Permalink

Good Material!