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Smaill Doses Healthy Body

Lesson Plan Published 1/12/19 Last updated on 1/12/19

Healthy Eating - SDG- 3: Vitamins are used in many different ways inside your body. While vitamins do not directly serve as a source of energy, they do help the enzymes that generate energy from nutrients such as carbohydrates and fats.Vitamins are nutrients your body needs to function and fight off disease. Your body cannot produce vitamins itself, so you must get them through food you eat or in some cases supplements. There are 13 vitamins that are essential to your body working well. Knowledge of the different types and understanding the purpose of these vitamins are important for good health.

Minerals are essential nutrients that are needed in small amounts to keep you healthy. Minerals do not give you energy or calories, but can help with other functions in your body. Your body does not make minerals. To meet your daily needs, minerals must be obtained through your diet.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn the importance of good nutrition
  • Learn the benefit of vitamins
  • Explore options for healthy eating

This project emphasis the benefits of including vitamins in our diet which are needed in small doses only but are beneficial for a healthy living. For this research work you will make a web page about a @every plate tells a story using Spark web page or Dreamweaver about the animal and present it with your completed poster to the class.

This lesson plan, “Every Plate Tells a Story,” provides a guided activity for teachers and students to work together in efforts to bring the Global Goals to classrooms and learning.

The lesson begins by broadly introducing the term “goal” and invites students to make personal connections to people, places, and environments by considering goals in their lives.

Learners build knowledge as they integrate understanding of the Global Goals and the processes in which they were designed. During the lesson, students will engage in a process of inquiry through dialogue, collaboration, and research and will establish concrete realizations of the sustainability of the food they eat.

Multiple sources of evidence/ formative assessments can be used throughout the lesson to document learning, guide conversation, and inform future instruction.

Through this students will be able to understand that What Costitutes a Healthy Diet , Balanced Diet.

They will be able to know that Vitamins and Minerals play a vital role in keeping them healthy.

Create Awareness about healthy eating by making Poster using Spark Graphic

Guest Speakers can be invited like a Nutritionist

Role plays can be conducted in the School Assemblies

  • Illustrator Draw

    Create freeform vector designs on your mobile device.

  • Dreamweaver

    Design and develop modern, responsive websites.

  • Photoshop

    Editing and compositing for photos, web and mobile app designs, 3D artwork, videos, and more.

  • Adobe Spark

    Adobe Spark is an easy-to-use tool that helps you turn your ideas into compelling social graphics, web stories, and animated videos

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ISTE Standards
Students: Creative Communicator, Students: Empowered Learner, Students: Digital Citizen, Students: Innovative Designer, Students: Computational Trainer, Students: Knowledge Constructor
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