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How to Resize Multiple Images in Photoshop CC 2019 - Two Methods: Image Processor & Automated Action

Technical Tutorial Published 10/28/18 Last updated on 5/28/20

In this video, I'll demonstrate two different methods of resizing multiple images in Photoshop. You can resize 1000+ images within minutes with a few simple steps.

1st Method: via Scripts --> Image Processor

Using this method, you can resize multiple images in one go via the Image Processor command. You can export your files as psd, jpeg or tiff images.

2nd Method: via Automate --> Batch

With the second method, you will use the record function to record a series of actions, in this case, record the actions of resizing one image in Photoshop. You will then use the Automate function to perform said recorded actions on multiple images (a folder with all the high-resolution files).

Here is the link to the tutorial published on YouTube:

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Dilki Nimasha

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Is it worth your course?​

Shafiq Rehman

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​Nice Methods