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Personal Branding // Logo Design

Project Published 6/3/18 Last updated on 6/3/18

Your Job //

This is a multifaceted project: some researching brainstorming, some list making, some sketching and some actual production.

Step one::

Complete the worksheet on research on the business of design. Type your answers and upload to Blackboard by due date.

Step two::

Complete the worksheet on your logo and personal branding. Type your answers and upload to Blackboard by due date.

Step three::

Brainstorm! Sketch! It’s idea generatingtime! Time to come up with your brand for our sale. What is your brand’s name. What is it’s logo? What is it’s color scheme? Find a minimum of 30 brand identities that you relate to and put that link in a word document and upload when finished.

After that, start your sketches. Create a minimum of 20 brand logos for your business. We will review as a collective so be ready to talk about your design, brand and ideas. Scan or photo your sketches, add to a word (or InDesign) document and upload when finished.

Step four::

Create your logo using Illustrator. Logo may not be designed in any other program...use Illustrator! Print and mount with a tracing paper overlay for submission. (print out size is 8.5x11 (letter) either landscape or portrait accordingly...border must be uniform)

Remember, your brand is representing your entire product range...from products to packaging, and signage to booth display. Remember that less is more and remember that a “good” logo can be seen at multiple sizes (small to large, print to web). Your logo will be used throughout the semester, so be sure to finesse and refine it to the highest degree. It is representing YOU so make it your best!

Specifics //

:: Research worksheet (20 points)

:: Design Business Plan worksheet (20 points)

:: Pinterest research link and sketches (20 points)

:: Logo/brand design in Illustrator (printed and mounted) (40 points)

Deadlines //

Week 1:: Research Worksheet and Pinterest research link DUE

Week 2:: Sketches due and begin working on Illustrator version

Week 3:: Design Business Plan DUE (beginning of class, no exceptions)

Week 4:: Final Logo DUE (beginning of class, no exceptions)

Age Levels
1+ Week
Research and Information Fluency, Creativity and Innovation, Technology Operations and Concepts, Critical Thinking Problem Solving and Decision Making
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Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike
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