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Digital Asset Published 10/21/19 Last updated on 10/21/19

So is been a while since my last post were I share one of my digital painting go to books specially when dealing with matte painting. I wanted to add to that post by sharing some of the Ps brush sets I use or have acquired in order to make my digital work come to life.

I still don't see many digital painting post or many educators posting items for digitally painting, if you find what I am providing helpful to you work or would like to see some video tutorial or walk through on my process or how I go about certain effects please let me know so that I can create it and add to this.

I hope this help my fellow digital artist I am always blown away by what they can do and how much I have learn from others. I love sharing my techniques and even my assets or resources in order to help others achieve their creative goals.

Thank you for reading and I hope this helps you, if you want more like this please let me know and follow me as I will add more as time come.

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Mick Perkins

Posted on 10/22/19 8:29:23 PM Permalink

​Cool stuff Jorge!!

Cant wait to test out your brushes

Jorge De Jesus

Posted on 10/22/19 11:25:29 PM Permalink

Thanks Mick, I hope they serve you well.​