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Time-lapse - Creating a Parallax Motion Effect in Photoshop

Posted on 12/5/17 by Rosie Sue Last updated on 12/5/17


Here's a time-lapse of animating static photos. You can convert images by using a parallax motion effect in Photoshop. It's a simple way of converting images into a mini video, with limited animations.

The photo I've used is of myself 'hanging' off the edge of a rock at the Grand Canyon in Arizona!

Video: https://youtu.be/OiGU1tVQinA

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Time-lapse - Creating a Parallax Motion Effect in Photoshop

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Nancy Daigle

Posted on 12/6/17 - Permalink

​Talk about a quick tutorial! In less than 2 minutes, I learned everything I needed. Great job!

Rosie Sue

Posted on 12/28/17 - Permalink

Thanks so much for the feedback Nancy! And glad you picked up a thing or two. ;)​