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Create Color Model Inspired By Cones Spectral Sensitivity In The Retina Of The Human Eye

Project Published 10/21/18 Last updated on 2/28/20

CONFERENCE PROCEEDING by Commission Internationale de L'Eclairage

Many color description models have appeared since the old Greeks through Davinci and Goethe reaching to the modern color description models which are based on the studies of Newton and Maxwell on light such as the studies of Chevreul, and Munsell and others. Finally reaching to the (CIE Lab) and (CIE xyz) color models of the Commission Internationale de l'éclairage.

The problem of the current study aroused by the study of these systems as these models based only on the physical aspects of colors which caused insufficiency in the explanation of many color phenomena such as sparkling and the increase of the visual perception of secondary colors on the expense of primary colors and the relationship between the violet, red and blue in the visible spectrum.

Thus, the aim of this research is to develop a three-dimensional color description model basically depends on the spectral response curves of cones in the human eye retina, as it is considered the real tool for color perception.

To achieve this, the researchers used the descriptive and the experimental analytical methods to study the color phenomena that other color models failed to explain through three-dimensional color description model that depends on the spectral response curves of cones in human eye retina, such as the production of all color grades that can be recognized by the human eye. Moreover, this research has clarified the reasons behind the increasing visual perception for some secondary colors on the expense of some primary colors that cones sensitive region differs for each primary color. Additionally, the research tried to confirm the independence of violet color as a separate wavelength. Finally, the research attempted to interpret saturation and sparkling phenomena in metallic colors through chromatic vision of the rods in the retina. The results confirm the hypothesis search and lead to the recommendations to expand on the study of the impact of visual perception in color science and in particular the effect of color constants.

Abd El-Magid, T. B., & Gazl, M. M. (2016). CREATE COLOUR MODEL INSPIRED BY CONES SPECTRAL SENSITIVITY IN THE RETINA OF THE HUMAN EYE. CONFERENCE PROCEEDING by Commission Internationale de L’Eclairage, 365–377. Retrieved from

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Great research paper
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wonderful research paper.

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Thank you for this amazing paper.