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Night photography - Standing objects, like planes, houses..

Project Published 2/3/20 Last updated on 2/28/20

Welcome to my other course!
Today, you can learn, how to shoot cool night shots.

First, you need a great tripod.

After that, you need a camera, with great aperture, like F2.8 or 1.8!

Then, you need to shoot via live view for sharpen and great photos. So, if you got an overexposed shot, try with lower ISO or shutter speed. I use ISO 800, max ISO 1600 with my Canon 77D. Shutter is between 1 and 5 sec. Of course, if you want a longexpo night shot, try with 20sec and ISO 200, F10. Always make your photo a little bit underexposed. Yoi can easily fix it, but if you overexpose your photo, it was a hard process, I know.

Okey, so.. Try with these settings: ISO 400, 1s, F2.8 . Live view has a histogram function. Use it! The histogram can help you a lot! If everyone do with viewfinder, no problem.. But you cant see, what is your final image.

Photos taken, go home, upload to computer, and start post-processing the RAW.

You need Photoshop or Lightroom.

First, load to Camera RAW. You need to check sharpness. Start with that. After, when you finish, continue with:

  • Highlights.
    Highlights is the primary, that you need to check. In my night shots, I lower the value. After, I can easily fix the lights, if is they underexposed.
  • Exposure.
    You can add a little bit expo. But do NOT add more, than +0.50!
  • Contrast.
    I always add a little amount of contrast (about +40). You can try lower and higher values aswell.
  • Sharpness.
    Value: 50
    Radius: 0.5
    Detail: 50
    Masking: 20-50
  • Noise reduction.
    Value: 2
    Detail: 25
    Contrast: 10
    Color: 25

If you're done with that, follow the other steps.

  1. Select the object, then save the selection, name to "object".
  2. Inverse selection.
  3. Try to reduce noise at the background
  4. Add a little contrast to the background, around +20.
  5. Experiement with lights at the photo.

You're done with that. If you are followed my steps, you got a great night shot. And of course, don't forget: "You must like your own work!"

Regards, Dominik

    • Photoshop

      Editing and compositing for photos, web and mobile app designs, 3D artwork, videos, and more.

    Age Levels
    1-2 Hours
    • Lens with wider aperture
    • DSLR or MILC camera
    • Tripod
    • Photoshop
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