The Digital Way is now a BOOK!

Curriculum Published 11/21/17 Last updated on 2/28/20

WOO! I created my "The Digital Way" Photoshop curriculum into a book. I provided a .pdf. The book goes more in depht vs just teh digital vcirriculum. Feel free to modify and edit, and order it through a publishing company!

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Custom Standards
tggEdu Approved Curriculum for Photography AREA A: Demonstration of Project Management TGG1.011 Demonstration of basic project requirements, including mock ups, drafting, and basic time management. TGG1.012 Demonstration of US Copyright law's, fair use, and public domains TGG1.013 Demonstrate knowledge of the client and employer relationship. AREA B: Demonstration of Digital Image terminology TGG2.014 Demonstrate knowledge of digital image terminology, such as a vector or raw image. TGG2.015 Demonstrate knowledge of the principles of design, such as Harmony and Repetition. TGG2.016 Demonstrate knowledge of image size and resolution, and know common types of resolutions and print layouts (1920x1080, 8.5inx11in) AREA C: Demonstration of Photoshop Knowledge TGG3.017 Demonstrate knowledge of creating or importing a new image. TGG3.018 Demonstrate knowledge of Photoshop tools, groups and the functions they perform. TGG3.019 Demonstrate knowledge of the workspace, and the common panels and what functions they perform. TGG3.020 Demonstrate knowledge of common panels, such as the layers and brushes panel. TGG3.021 Demonstrate knowledge of using selection tools, and be able to differ between them. TGG3.022 Demonstrate knowledge of blending, including auto blending and content aware filling. TGG3.023 Demonstrate knowledge of creating new workspaces, documents, and graphics. TGG3.024 Demonstrate knowledge in Adobe Lightroom CC

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- Adobe Bridge

- Adobe Lightroom CC

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