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Blank Template for Storyboard and Mood Board with Color Palette

Digital Asset Published 12/25/18 Last updated on 2/29/20

The attached templates I created as an offshoot of my Adobe class in Motion Graphics for Educators. While going through the course, I thought that elementary school students might enjoy doing similar projects. The Storyboard template I created for myself while taking the class. The Mood Board/Color Palette template I created for teachers who might like to hand this out to students as part of a scaled down version of the Motion Graphics class. Students can first write a story on a separate sheet of paper. They can bring in magazines to find pictures with colors they would like to use in their storyboard. They can cut these pictures out and glue them onto the Mood Board. They can then create their own color palette by mixing and matching crayons or pastels to the colors in the pictures. They can then color in each square on the palette with one of the newly mixed colors. Finally, they can draw in their pictures in the storyboard and use the color palette as a guide.

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Age Levels

A printer is the only asset a teacher would need, as this is meant to be a handout for students. Each student would need:

1) Blank sheet of paper

2) Pencils

3) Magazines (ex. - National Geographic or another magazine with vibrant colors)

4) Scissor

5) Crayons or pastels

6) Glue

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