Michael Shimer
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Short Introduction video for C. M. Coolidge's "Dogs Playing Poker"

Presentation Published 3/28/19 Last updated on 4/14/19

This is my second "puppet" and scene using Character Animator's "characterization" tool. This is part of the project work for the Adobe Education Exchange "Animating History" course. I received some inspiration from a fellow learner in the "Animating History" course (Kristin and her Cocker Spaniel as a "historical figure"). I thought that trying to embed a puppet into C. M. Coolidge's "Dogs Playing Poker" paintings would be a lot of fun! This short video introduction could be used as part of a full art history lesson. This video was produced with Camtasia 9 and uploaded to YouTube with Creative Commons attribution.

Content Standards
Custom Standards
VA.912.C.2.4 Classify artworks, using accurate art vocabulary and knowledge of art history to identify and categorize movements, styles, techniques, and materials.
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Students: Innovative Designer

Streaming media display.

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