Rachel Bryson
PhD Student, Technical Communication and Rhetoric, Utah State University

Using Cinemagraphs to Teach Composition and Digital Rhetoric

Project Published 6/12/19 Last updated on 3/13/20

After completing the Cinemagraphs course in the Creative Classroom Series, I spent some time thinking about how I might be able to use cinemagraphs in a higher education classroom setting. I settled on having students make a cinemagraph and then analyzing and reflecting on their process in writing, paying particular attention to how the design of their cinemagraph addresses concerns of digital rhetoric--especially visual design and audience awareness. This project offers a fun and fairly simple way to introduce students to basic visual design principles while asking them to consider the needs and expectations of an outside audience.

While I had a higher ed classroom in mind for this project, I think it could be easily adapted for secondary students.

Watch the video here for more information.

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Dilki Nimasha

Posted on 5/14/20 11:18:03 AM Permalink

​Thank a lot!

David Manzin

Posted on 4/2/20 7:23:40 PM Permalink

​Is there instruction on how to in Photoshop

Ahmed Belal

Posted on 1/12/20 12:01:58 PM Permalink

​Thanks for Sharing

Shafiq Rehman

Posted on 9/3/19 10:38:25 PM Permalink

Thanks for sharing

Lisa Hertzi

Posted on 8/28/19 6:36:33 PM Permalink

​Hey when I open the gif it opens a preview file with several documents of the little guy watering. Is there a specific way to open it? Thanks, Li

Rachel Bryson

Posted on 8/29/19 2:37:59 PM Permalink

Hi Lisa,

When I click on the watering strawberries file, it opens it up just as a gif, so I can see the cinemagraph in action. I'm not sure why it isn't working for you. I wish I had more ideas! Sorry about that.


Greg Hodgson

Posted on 7/11/19 3:21:46 PM Permalink

​A great resource.

A. Kessler

Posted on 7/5/19 8:51:48 AM Permalink

​Thanks for sharing!