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Multiplication - Repeated Addition Model

Presentation Published 6/23/11 Last updated on 5/16/18
This is a tutorial/animation I created for my Math For Elementary Teachers class to help them visualize multiplying using the "repeated addition" visualization. I love creating stories to help my students engage with the problems. My son was in 8th grade when he drew the artwork using Photoshop. I used Flash CS4 to create the animated tutorial.
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hamid abdoli

Posted on 1/27/18 7:26:43 PM Permalink


Sue Glascoe

Posted on 7/1/11 3:03:38 AM Permalink

Thanks! I have more I am going to post; I hope they will help!

Saji Ijiyemi

Posted on 6/30/11 1:56:27 PM Permalink

Good job! This will help my 5-yr old first grader. She is doing good with addition and subtraction but struggling with multiplication. God job!