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Intro To The Pen Tool

Lesson Plan Published 1/10/12 Last updated on 7/28/18
Project Scenario: We’ve worked a lot with other illustrator tools- Now it’s time for the secret weapon. This set of tutorials is to help you understand the pen tool and how to work with this incredibly powerful tool that is the base for many of the advanced features of most programs. This is an absolutely critical tool to use, and though it’s a little weird to use at first, it will soon just “click” and you’ll be able to use it. It’s all just a matter of working with it. Project Objectives: Create simple shapes using the pen tool. Check out the full lesson plan here:
1+ Week
ISTE Standards
Students: Innovative Designer, Students: Computational Trainer
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Shafiq Rehman

Posted on 9/20/19 8:01:31 PM Permalink

Rob can you please update link the page is not available ​

Rob Schwartz

Posted on 10/24/12 2:51:52 PM Permalink

She's not that tough, she just likes everything done her way. ;)

Seriously, though... the right attitude and approah really helps. I don't give them the pen until after the projects where they get successful without it and create something cool in Illy. It gets frustrating when they go right to the pen and EVERYTHING is new.

Warm 'em up first... that's my suggestion. - First 4 projects under Illustrator get them going. They get the pen after mastering all of those. By then they have a positive feeling about AI since they've already had a ton of success and fun with it. Skocko does it the other way and it works well for his lab. For me, it was a pain until I eased them in- But I have much less experience than Skocko with AI in general.

Kris Fontes

Posted on 10/24/12 12:14:31 AM Permalink

The pen tool is such a bitch, thanks for all your pointers!

Albert Tucker

Posted on 1/11/12 10:24:17 AM Permalink

This is awesome Rob - thanks for sharing!