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Rotoscoping Animation Project with Flash CS6 (and other project resources)

Assignment Published 6/9/14 Last updated on 6/5/19
All of our Computer Science classes watch The History of Pixar (bonus disc feature from the Wall-E movie), so I plan to introduce rotoscoping techniques with Flash CS6 using an animated video cartoon. Most likely this will be for my more advanced high school students .

Basically, students will to import a short cartoon .flv video that I provide them, include the video timeline but no audio. Have students add the key frames to a new layer for their rotoscoping, then use the brush tool to draw in the strokes. If we get really ambitious and I have a willing group of students, I might have them each animate a character and try to merge their characters, to emulate and attempt "team work" in animation. They could use the same cartoon (road runner and coyote?) and then try to see if they can sync up each of their characters. The group I have this year really enjoys partner and small group work, so any other ideas how they can pair up, but with separate segments to the assignment, would be very much appreciated.

Some other Flash animation resources:
I have used this Sunny Day animation lesson previously in classes with high school students and modified it for the Adobe Digital Creativity course, too. The course was excellent, and I recommend you take it.

For Mother's Day, we make animated greeting cards and here's a student sample:

Also, this year we dabbled a bit in animated phone apps with Flash CS6, so here's a student sample: Kristine Kopelke has excellent animation tutorials on the EdExchange. It was a first attempt at an animated app: link coming soon...

  • Animate

    Design interactive vector animations for multiple platforms.

Age Levels
1-2 Hours
ISTE Standards
Students: Innovative Designer

Flash CS6 (or other animating software, with modifications)

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Shafiq Rehman

Posted on 9/3/19 1:10:31 AM Permalink

​Thanks for sharing

michelle Laubenstein

Posted on 9/18/14 3:46:50 PM Permalink

I would love to see the example animated phone app!