Rick McCawley
Professor Program Manger Graphic Design

Digital Photography

Curriculum Published 12/4/12 Last updated on 5/16/18
This is a book designed by myself and my students to replace the very expensive textbook used in the beginning Digital Photography class.

This is a text book designed for Basic Digital Photography class.

Content Standards
Common Core State Standards
Creativity and Innovation

Digital Camera and Adobe Photoshop

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Peter Thiedeke

Posted on 3/14/17 9:26:34 PM Permalink

Fantastic, well done !!!​

Christopher Rozitis

Posted on 3/9/17 9:57:35 PM Permalink

I am very impressed with your students work. ​

Tom Litschko

Posted on 1/25/17 1:59:51 AM Permalink

​Kudos to you and your students. This is a great resource. Well done.

Kathy Weiland

Posted on 6/16/15 2:01:19 PM Permalink

Thanks again for the awesome resource. I especially like that your amazing students helped put this together.

Jesus De Dios

Posted on 6/8/15 6:30:55 PM Permalink

Great resource. Thanks.

Melanie Rivera

Posted on 2/18/14 7:02:29 PM Permalink

Thank you for sharing. Can't wait to send this to my students.

Terrence Banks

Posted on 8/13/13 3:40:05 AM Permalink

Thanks to you and your students, a great resource!

susan leequee

Posted on 8/11/13 5:27:47 AM Permalink

Thank you for sharing. Textbooks are expensive, this is also a great way to get students involved in the process. They will learn more.

Kathy Weiland

Posted on 8/6/13 3:06:24 AM Permalink

Thank you for this concise and helpful guide for my class.

Kathy Weiland

Dennis Martinus

Posted on 7/27/13 12:44:59 PM Permalink

What a great and helpful resource. Thank you for sharing this!

Mike Skocko

Posted on 5/4/13 2:10:43 PM Permalink

Wonderful! As others have said, this will be valued in class. Thanks for sharing a terrific resource, Rick.

5 Balls! (Or whatever those circles in the rating system are called.)

Albert Tucker

Posted on 3/10/13 7:40:44 PM Permalink

<p>Rick - your work is so to the point and a perfect reference for students just starting out. Thanks for sharing the work that you and your students have created. Great collection of references!</p>

Brett Kent

Posted on 2/22/13 2:32:20 AM Permalink

Good work

Carolyn De Anda

Posted on 2/19/13 11:27:00 PM Permalink

Very nice concise and to the point for beginners. Beautiful job. Thanks for sharing.

Daniel Rattigan

Posted on 2/18/13 8:42:48 PM Permalink

Fantastic examples and beautifully laid out. Thank you for sharing.

inge schaareman

Posted on 1/27/13 1:33:40 PM Permalink

Thank you for sharing, I like it very much:

Made in collaboration with students; original examples.

We use same assignment - so very helpfull as a resource for my students

Only 22 pages and everything is in it.

Michael Bittner

Posted on 1/24/13 6:14:26 PM Permalink

Great resource! Thank You for sharing!

Karen Braswell

Posted on 1/21/13 10:52:43 PM Permalink

Thank you for sharing such a great resource,

Judy Durkin

Posted on 1/18/13 5:28:06 AM Permalink

Absolutely packed with information.
Beautifully dones.

Thank you. What a terrific resource for my Photography class! Wow wow wow.

Judy Durkin

Posted on 1/18/13 5:20:04 AM Permalink

Absolutely packed with information.
Beautifully dones.

Thank you. What a terrific resource for my Photography class! Wow wow wo.

chuck laiti

Posted on 1/8/13 10:53:23 PM Permalink

Thanks for sharing. This covers a lot of ground.

Eli Infante

Posted on 12/20/12 2:57:59 AM Permalink

Fantastic Rick!

Juan Pedro Secondo

Posted on 12/13/12 7:10:36 PM Permalink

Excellent job!!! Very clear and straight forward.

Congrats to you and your students.

John Doherty

Posted on 12/5/12 12:09:53 PM Permalink

Many thanks for sharing this photography book.