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Digital Design CS5: Foundations of Web Design (full curriculum)

Curriculum Published 9/16/10 Last updated on 5/16/18
Digital Design: Foundations of Web Design is a two-semester, project-based curriculum that teaches digital communication skills in the context of the professional web design and development process, using Adobe web tools.

Digital Design develops four key skill areas:

  • Project management and collaboration
  • Design
  • Research and communication
  • Professional web-authoring tools

Students develop these key skills in a spiral—each project adds more challenging skills onto the foundation proficiencies. Adobe collaborated with the Washington State Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction and the Wilderness Technology Alliance to create career-track course materials that focus on digital media and web development. Digital Design addresses each of these areas, using a project-based approach. Each project has phases that follow a design and development process, from project planning to evaluation and launch. To simulate a professional work environment, students gradually migrate their design work from an individual process to a group process. Design and technical work by its very nature is iterative, so the projects contain activities that require students to evaluate and then redesign and rework their communications. Specific attention has been paid to developing concepts and principles for thorough, effective design.

This curriculum maps to the Adobe Certified Associate, Web Communication with Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 objectives and the Adobe Certified Associate, Rich Media Communication with Flash CS5 objectives.

Age Levels
Students: Creative Communicator, Students: Empowered Learner, Students: Digital Citizen, Students: Innovative Designer, Students: Computational Trainer, Students: Knowledge Constructor

To complete this curriculum, you will need:
- Adobe Fireworks CS5 Extended installed on all machines
- Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 installed on all machines
- Adobe Flash Professional CS5 installed on all machines
- Student technical guides

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salo ptase

Posted on 6/4/16 2:36:48 AM Permalink

This is just great! I will use it with my class in Argentina. Hope I can motivate my students and squeeze all this in one year!


Jaime Ball

Posted on 1/29/14 3:00:50 PM Permalink

Hi, I am teaching Web Design with Dreamweaver and the only curriculum I have to use is this free version. I am having a TERRIBLE time opening the Digital Design CS5 version!! I can open all other versions but this one. It states 2 different things depending on what computer I try to access it on. My Windows 8 states that I need a newer version of Adobe Reader in order to open and I have the most recent version. On my computer at work which runs windows 7 it states the file is damaged and can not be opened. Is there somewhere else I can access the pdf of the curriculum please? I have tried saving the download rather than simply downloading it. I have read many suggestions on the comments section below with no luck. I see several people have had problems opening it as well, and I am hoping there is another way of getting this document. I would appreciate any help, because this is the only curriculum I have to use at this point. Thank you,

Jaime Ball

Koshkonong High School

jeniffer homes

Posted on 6/28/12 12:51:43 PM Permalink

Adobe Education

Posted on 6/25/12 4:31:29 AM Permalink

@ Javier

Yes, the full curriculum meets all the objectives of the ACA Exams. At the end of each project you will find which ACA exam objectives the project meets. All of the student technical guides will teach you the skills you need. You can acess the guides pre product of you choose using the Learn Dreamweaver CS6 or Learn Flash CS6 guides.

Javier Villarreal

Posted on 6/23/12 3:13:07 AM Permalink

Hello i have a question please help me, this full curriculum does it work for prepare me to the ACA Exams or

what is it for just for practice?

tom jeffries

Posted on 5/19/12 10:50:56 AM Permalink


Adobe Education

Posted on 3/7/12 2:59:36 AM Permalink

@ Shawn,

This is a free curriculum and while it's written for educators, students can also use it independently. It is project based and it is designed so students learn different Dreamweaver skills in the course of completeing each Dreamweaver projects. Alternatively you could just use the student technical guides to learn Dreamweaver without using the project instructions.

I hope this is helpful.


~Adobe Education

Adobe Education

Posted on 2/22/12 4:22:27 AM Permalink


All of the technical guides can be used for Mac and have Mac-specific short cuts included.


~Adobe Education

Morgan Salathe

Posted on 2/21/12 2:56:40 AM Permalink

Is there a mac based version of the workbook/exercise files?

Kim Williams

Posted on 2/9/12 4:08:52 PM Permalink

My students take both the Dreamweaver ACA and ACE exams.

I use portions of the Adobe curriculum, training videos and prepared lectures based on the ACA exam objectives. Our district provides Certiprep to administer ACA practice exams. Certiprep practice exams are a great way to get students acclimated to the way questions are asked and how to navigate within the exam itself.

For the ACE exam, I use the Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 onDemand book. The book includes the ACE objectives and a map to content within the book. David Powers Dreamweaver and PHP book and Adobe Help are also very helpful. I use Adobe Help from within Dreamweaver dialog boxes for specific information.

Adobe Education

Posted on 1/19/12 2:12:49 AM Permalink

Hi Tim,

It is fine for you to share what you like with your student. This is a free curriculum and while it's written for educators if you feel your students is able to work ahead independently that it is your decision on what and how much to share.


~Adobe Education

Tim Ricketts

Posted on 1/18/12 7:44:15 PM Permalink

I am using this curriculum in my class and I have an advanced student that would like to "work ahead". Is it legal for me to give him a copy of the pdf that contains this curriclum or is this for educators only?

Adobe Education

Posted on 11/30/11 5:39:18 AM Permalink

Hi Maryna

That is the only page you can see. Sorry.

~Adobe Education

Maryna Benson

Posted on 11/29/11 10:29:14 PM Permalink

Thank you! Is there a way that I can track where my certificate is except on the page where i can download the logos? I can only see that my ACE kit has been mailed?

Thanks in advance.


Adobe Education

Posted on 11/29/11 2:52:43 AM Permalink

@ Marnya

Yes, you will get a certificate for being a Web Specialist in addition to getting access to your new logo. When you get your Flash certificate, the system will then have you down for all three certs and you should be able to ger your Web Specialist and logo.


~Adobe Education

Maryna Benson

Posted on 11/27/11 12:00:52 AM Permalink

Hi Adobe,

I recently finished ACE Photoshop, Dreamweaver and Flash. I got Photoshop and Dreamweaver certificates via email, I am still waiting for the Flash certificate. I would like to know if I get an extra certificate that states that I am now a ACE web specialist or do i just get to download the logo?

Kind Regards

Maryna Benson

Adobe Education

Posted on 11/15/11 10:57:16 AM Permalink


To download the curriculum right-click or Control-click on the file link and click Save File As. Select the destination where you which to save the file. To download the free Adobe Reader, please visit


~Adobe Education

janvier dhielo

Posted on 11/15/11 7:25:00 AM Permalink

hello my name is janvier dhielo, i like watching family show, reading, writing, spelling and play sports. and i'm 16 year old i would like to get these thing in computer.thank you.

Daniel Torres

Posted on 9/19/11 2:59:49 PM Permalink

@Kelly Lee, stfu

Adobe Education

Posted on 9/12/11 2:28:13 AM Permalink

Hi Sandy,

You probably won't need a textbook as there is an abundance of student step by step tutorials and some presentations you can share with them but if you do the Classroom in a Book is a nice complement to the Digital Design Curriculum.

Best of luck with your course!

~Adobe Education

Sandy Adamson

Posted on 9/9/11 6:57:33 PM Permalink

I have been asked to teach a course in Web Design and Web Management. I plan on using the Adobe Digital Design CS5 Foundations of Web Design and would like to know the best text book to use along with the course. Since I have not yet downloaded the the course materials, I may find that a text book is not needed but would like to know anyway. I was thinking of the Classroom in a Book series but which would be best ??

Thanks in advance

Adobe Education

Posted on 7/19/11 6:15:20 PM Permalink

Hi Robert,

Yes - you can download this curriculum to help stydy with the exam. This is more for a teacher to use with students so to learn about how to find exam specific preparation materials please refer to our FAQ on this topic: here for the Adobe Certified Associate exam and here for the Adobe Certified Expert exam.


~Adobe Education

Adobe Education

Posted on 7/19/11 6:12:22 PM Permalink

Hi Valerie,

The Exchange has training materials posted here but to learn more about live, instructor-led, and web-based training please visit our FAQ section on training and certification.


~Adobe Education

Robert OHalloran

Posted on 7/19/11 8:10:36 AM Permalink

Hello Adobe,

I am just wondiring about this course. Can you download the cirriculum yourself and study on your own time and then sit the exam at an authorised center or do you have to sit the course at an authorised center also?

Many thanks in advance.

valerie clark

Posted on 7/13/11 2:23:37 PM Permalink

How do I join your live video training for adobe acro bat pro 9? I was under the impression this site was not just merely posting but training also is that correct?

Adobe Education

Posted on 7/8/11 6:56:25 PM Permalink

Hi Michal,

I'm sorry for your trouble. You ?? ?need to view the PDF portfolio in Adobe Reader 9 or higher so we suggest right-clicking on the file link and saving it to your desktop, then opening the file in Adobe reader 9 or X.

Hope this helps.
~Adobe Education



Michal Goldstein

Posted on 7/7/11 1:22:23 AM Permalink



Digital Design CS5: Foundations of Web Design (full curriculum)

It won't open in Acrobat...

demetrios bryant

Posted on 7/2/11 5:36:23 AM Permalink

Everything looks great lets get started!

Adobe Education

Posted on 6/1/11 9:13:36 PM Permalink

Hi Christine,

You're seeing that page because you need to view the PDF in Adobe Reader 9 or higher because it is a PDF Portfolio, which contains many files. You can't view PDF Portfolios in some Internet browsers.

We suggest right-clicking on the file link and saving to your desktop, then opening the file in Adobe Reader 9 or X.

Hope this helps.

Adobe Education

Christine Krof Shock

Posted on 6/1/11 1:09:47 AM Permalink

The content does not seem to download...all I get is a redirect to a static 1 page pdf tellling me to download reader?

Adobe Education

Posted on 5/31/11 3:00:58 AM Permalink

Glad to hear it Mohit. I have not seen the actual Dreamweacer CS5 exam but it will cover the topic areas and objectives in the outline. So long as you know all of them you should do well.

Good luck.

~Adobe Education

Mohit Gupta

Posted on 5/31/11 2:43:39 AM Permalink


I really want to thank the Adobe team for helping me out. At first, I didn't think anyone was going to response. This is exactly what I was looking for... Thanks Again. I must say that I was intimidated by this exam. It just seemed so hard. Now I have read the guide, I can take the test without even studying or anything!

I just want to make sure, the test is exactly or mostly going to be based on the outline right?


Adobe Education

Posted on 5/31/11 2:08:16 AM Permalink

Hi Mohit,

Here is the direct link:

In the future to get there when you're on this page: scroll down to the section that says in first column "Certification exam name" and find the Adobe® Dreamweaver® CS5 Exam (it's the 3rd row). Then go across that row to the column that says "Prep Guide" (the 4th column) click on the word "English" and that will take you to the above link with the prep material for this exam.

Good luck on the exam!

~Adobe Education

Mohit Gupta

Posted on 5/28/11 11:54:08 PM Permalink


I am really interested in getting an ACE in Dreamweaver CS5. I have looked at the links above, but they don't provide any links as to where I can get the materials to prepare and study for the ACE exam. I am currently watching Lynda's essential training on Dreamweaver CS5 by James Williamson but I don't think it will be enough to get me through the exam. What book or movie or tutorial can you suggest?


Adobe Education

Posted on 5/17/11 3:43:36 AM Permalink

Kelly Lee

Posted on 5/17/11 2:06:56 AM Permalink

I am an Art school freshman majoring in Interior Design, yet highly interested to become an ACE as well. Your advise will be greatly appreciated.