Carolyn Zellers
Instructional Technology Specialist

Example photo: Picture Yourself in Paris!

Project Published 10/9/10 Last updated on 2/28/20
This photo is to provide an example for the Quick Idea lesson, Picture Yourself in Paris!
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Vicky Brooks

Posted on 4/28/14 7:56:02 AM Permalink

I am going to use this as a formative for my year 9 web design class. Thanks!

joanna tinios

Posted on 10/2/11 2:40:30 AM Permalink


Love the idea. I'm going to do this with famous paintings


chandra seth

Posted on 9/27/11 6:24:33 AM Permalink


Nicole Dalesio

Posted on 11/30/10 6:23:31 AM Permalink

Great idea! This sounds like such fun!

Adobe Education

Posted on 11/9/10 1:15:18 PM Permalink

Kathy Van Vleet

Posted on 11/9/10 11:22:10 AM Permalink

I like this idea! My Photoshop class is currently working on creating composites, and this project is perfect! - Kathy, Ocala, FL