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Save the seven Seas with virtual aquariums - Basic techniques for photomontage in Adobe Photoshop

Technical Tutorial Published 10/16/14 Last updated on 2/28/20

The objective of this lesson is the creation of an animated virtual aquarium. Teacher will provide students with some images representing several kind of fishes to insert onto one / two photos portraying a blank aquarium habitat. Each fish image presents a increasing level of difficulty as regard as the removal of the background from the subject, counted by a score.

In short students will be able to compose an image by adding elements coming from other photos; to use the layers palette; to select the correct layer for editing (copy, refining and pasting); to remove background pixels to crop the main subject on the source image in order to past it on the target image.

Upon successful completion, students will be able to to cover the functionalities and capabilities listed below:

1) Select portions of images with all the selection tools provided by PS CS3 or better

2) Refine edges

3) Past isolated source images into a target image

4) Refine and enhancing the pasted images with some improvements concerning:

4a) resizing and transforming the pasted images

4b) flipping and altering the pasted images

4c) blending the pasted images with the background layer of aquarium habitat

5) Export the output "aquarium" image for sharing it on social networks

basic pre-requisites: sts already master basic photos correction: curves/levels, white balance and auto color adjustments (Clarity, Contrast, Colour).

  • Photoshop

    Editing and compositing for photos, web and mobile app designs, 3D artwork, videos, and more.

  • Photoshop Elements

    Organize, edit, create, and share your photos.

1-2 Hours
ISTE Standards
Students: Creative Communicator
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