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Create a walking tour using Adobe Captivate,

Assignment Published 8/30/15 Last updated on 2/28/20

This professional development training plan is for university lecturers in the areas of tourism and design to teach them how to create a walking tour with Adobe Captivate. Lecturers in these areas have used audio walking tours as learning materials for their classes and have expressed an interest in creating interactive walking tours.

This training plan is divided into two sessions and I have included an online feedback form to get participant feedback after the sessions.

Age Levels
1-2 Hours

You will need a classroom with a computer projector and computers enough for all participants.

You will need Adobe Captivate loaded on all computers

You will need to prepare the following material before the sessions:

  • Material for a sample walking tour (text, images, video, audio and a sample quiz)

You will need to contact participants before the training session and ask them to prepare and bring the following:

  • A plan for a walking tour
  • Material for the walking tour (text, images, video, audio, geolocation information and a sample quiz).

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