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Responsive Edge Animate Hero Banner

Project Published 7/11/14 Last updated on 5/16/18

This is a project that guides students through creating a hero banner in Edge Animate. The banner project includes sound, an interactive button, animated text and three banner images that fade in and out at the pace of five seconds each.

The students are guided through a group exercise that will give them the confidence to complete an extension exercise on their own. The guided banner uses as its theme the Stone Harbor Bird Sanctuary in southern New Jersey. The banner cycles through images of birds with a bird sound background. The final image displays the name of the bird sanctuary and offers a navigation button to take the user to the tours page of the site. The students are asked to select a theme, create quality banner graphics and put together their own interactive banner for a mission of their choosing. The project can be used for any subject and should interest the students in finding out more about their themes.

The project includes the exercise files for the guided exercise, an example of a completed exercise for comparison purposes, a list of resources to help them through their independent work, and a 14 page set of directions in PDF format.

Age Levels
1+ Day
Communication and Collaboration, Digital Citizenship, Creativity and Innovation, Technology Operations and Concepts

Edge Animate, Photoshop or other graphics program, the included directions and exercise files

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Dario Copellino

Posted on 8/6/14 8:52:46 AM Permalink

Thanks. I downloaded it and as soon as I read it, I'll send you a rating (*****)

Anna Leppänen

Posted on 8/5/14 4:39:51 PM Permalink

Nice, just downloaded the files and will try this out tomorrow. thank you!