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Lesson Plan - Introduction to Stop Motion

Posted on 8/30/15 by Kev Lavery Last updated on 6/8/17


Stop Motion Jelly Babies

This is a lesson plan for a 100 minute double period that can be used to introduce students to stop motion, After Effects, and collaborative roles. It is designed for a group of year 9 level students (approximately 14-15 years old).

Stop motion is one of those techniques that people either love or hate – it is a bit too fastidious for some most. This lesson should give everyone a good introduction into stop motion without labouring too long for those that find it frustrating.

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Stop Motion Beans

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For this lesson you will need:

· Laptop with internet access

· Projector and speakers

· A2 black card

· Stop motion frame counter sheets

· Tripods

· Cameras

· Lollipops (or individual candies of some sort)

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All Comments (7)

Eli Infante

Posted on 3/19/17 - Permalink

​Kev thank you so much for sharing!

Scott Winland

Posted on 3/10/17 - Permalink

​Thanks for sharing - this is great!

Kev Lavery

Posted on 2/2/17 - Permalink

Turns out this works for most all ages - gave this lesson plan to my brother to do with his boys (who are 4 and 6) as a school holiday task. Went really well.

Vaqas Iqbal

Posted on 2/18/16 - Permalink

Nice plan, thanks for sharing.

Nirupama Narasimhan

Posted on 10/16/15 - Permalink

A very meticulously thought out plan. Thanks!

Salheddine Boumaraf

Posted on 10/16/15 - Permalink

Nice lesson plan, thanks.

Saif Smeirat

Posted on 9/6/15 - Permalink

Good plan Kev , Keep the good work up

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