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Using Fireworks to create CSS-based web page layouts

Web Link Published 6/28/10 Last updated on 2/28/20
While not my preference, many people want to use Fireworks to build their web pages/sites. The links below are to two articles written for Fireworks CS4 that cover this topic. There are several things to keep in mind if you plan to build out pages in this manner. Note: The enhanced symbols mentioned in these articles are now part of Fireworks CS5.

Setting up a Fireworks web design mock-up for CSS and images export

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Joseph Labrecque

Posted on 7/27/10 10:42:21 PM Permalink

I imagine it must be similar to the cleanup that should be done to MXML generated from Flash Catalyst.

Jim Babbage

Posted on 7/27/10 10:37:53 PM Permalink

Don't get me wrong . . it IS standards-based, but one is asking a software program to generate a layout and it has to rely on certian rules, things that you probably would not do if you were coding the page yourself.

I've heard of some designers who use it to assemble the basic shell of the layout, then use DW to add the content.

Joseph Labrecque

Posted on 7/27/10 10:29:44 PM Permalink

Ah...that could be concerning.

Jim Babbage

Posted on 7/27/10 10:22:58 PM Permalink

Yes, and no. The problem is that the generated layout is in most cases more complicated than it really needs to be. I don't think that using it, then telling everyone why not to use it, is helpful. Unless they already have an understanding of HTML and CSS, it just confuses the issue. That said, my hope is that if FW continues with this feature (and I'm sure it will) I hope it gets better and more useful to beginners and experts alike.

Joseph Labrecque

Posted on 7/27/10 10:16:07 PM Permalink

I agree that it isn't the preferred method... but I do think generating the layout through Fireworks is a great way for beginners to start learning about how the visual element positions can be translated into HTML and CSS. Used more as a resource than a tool, in that regard.