Making a book with InDesign - PART1 - PLANNING

Technical Tutorial Published 8/10/11 Last updated on 3/2/20
How to make a book -step 1 planning. Plan making your book- file management- flatplan- making a dummy
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Matt Cauthron

Posted on 11/11/11 3:53:05 PM Permalink

The video collection is really useful!

marci karoll

Posted on 11/8/11 5:43:34 PM Permalink

This is great! Where can we get the remaining tutorial movies?

clare harris

Posted on 10/24/11 9:12:22 PM Permalink

Hi Pamela

Thank You- yes there are four more movie tutorials -that take you through the process of book design.

Pamela Harris

Posted on 10/24/11 4:45:22 PM Permalink

Your introduction movie about designing a book is very well done. You go into detail about the flat plan and show a folder to keep digital materials organized. Do your other movies go into detail as to how to actually use InDesign to help in the next stages of book design?

helen gibbs

Posted on 10/18/11 8:09:39 AM Permalink

hey lets make a book

Carol Solis

Posted on 10/10/11 7:08:51 PM Permalink

Awesome. This clear and deliberate process will be a great aid in getting over the creative block.

Simon Goble

Posted on 9/5/11 9:06:48 AM Permalink

Wo Dude, that like, totally blew my socks off...

Amanda Agnew

Posted on 9/3/11 10:03:53 PM Permalink

 This is useful thanks

Thomas Giannattasio

Posted on 8/29/11 4:48:37 PM Permalink

Nice video. Will you also be covering book construction and binding techniques?

Rob Beckett

Posted on 8/25/11 12:36:52 AM Permalink

Thanks for the session it is great, what about ebooks?

Clare Harris

Posted on 8/24/11 5:13:28 PM Permalink


clare harris

Posted on 8/23/11 9:40:09 AM Permalink

Hey thank you Travis

i'm new to this - so its nice to hear that other people are getting as much out of Adobe Education exchange as i am, - all very inspiring!

Anyway thanks again - there are more in this series and hopefully even more to come! (my print student stuggle with RGB vs CMYK)

Best Clare

Brighton UK

Travis Liberty

Posted on 8/22/11 7:48:38 PM Permalink

Hey Clare:

Fabulous and well done with your "How to make a book with InDesign" series...

The series is informative yet engaging for a wide audience group...

It could be used as a quick refresher for the experience user all the way to the first time user where overwhelming fears are replaced with easy step by step instruction in a fun and meaningful way!

Well done!

I hope to see more from you in the future...

Best Wishes,

Travis Liberty, Philadelphia PA, USA

clare harris

Posted on 8/10/11 6:52:01 PM Permalink

1 of 5 How to make a book with Indesign

Adobe Education

Posted on 8/10/11 5:51:35 PM Permalink

Cool video tutorial! Thanks for sharing! I hope there are more steps and you plan to add more videos, because this looks like a really great start to a nice series on creating a book in InDesign. I especially like how you didn't just jump into using the software but took the time to explain how to plan for your book, including considering your audience.

I'm sure others on the AEE will find this helpful!