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The Creative Teacher: Illustrator Series Introduction

Technical Tutorial Published 4/22/14 Last updated on 7/13/18

The Creative Teacher is a series designed by a teacher for teachers. The series has been proofed and aligned to the needs of a teacher education student. It is to be used as a supplement to teacher education classes for technology education. This video is all about the differences between Raster and Vector images. It also serves as a welcoming video to Adobe Illustrator. Hang on the fun is just beginning.

Age Levels
Creativity and Innovation, Critical Thinking Problem Solving and Decision Making

This is an introduction to The Creative Teacher Series: Illustrator. This series is designed to be used with Teacher Education Students during their technology course at a University. It is applicable to other students as well and provides some unique ways of using the Adobe tools in Education. 

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Benjamin Riedl

Posted on 4/9/16 8:16:14 AM Permalink

Thanks Dan. I like your voice. It's very warm and pleasant.

Andrew Kutchera

Posted on 8/7/14 9:48:49 PM Permalink

I love the graph in the Description section above. It's been my experience that students really excel when they understand that design is a journey, rather than just an ending point. The graph outlines succinctly that there will be moments on the journey where it will be tough, before it become easier. I'm going to show this in my classroom — thank you!

Paul Johnston

Posted on 5/10/14 11:50:14 AM Permalink

Looking forward to exploring these links.

Judy Durkin

Posted on 5/8/14 3:33:22 AM Permalink

You are amazing, Dan! Great video explanation of the raster/vector issue that EVERYONE screws up!

Karen Henchy

Posted on 4/23/14 4:04:02 PM Permalink

Very nice, useful subjects for teachers!