Meal Mix Up! Build a burger and salad in PSE8 with layers

Technical Tutorial Published 10/10/11 Last updated on 5/16/18
Students will learn to manage layers while they assemble a burger and a salad using existing images in Photoshop Elements 8. Tutorial, PSD files, and assessment included.
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Content Standards
Custom Standards

Massachusetts Arts Curriculum Frameworks

Standard 2: Elements and Principles of Desiign

2.6: For space and composition, students will demonstrate an understanding of foreground, middle ground and background.

2.11 Students will create a 2D composition that gives the illusion of 3D space and volume.

ISTE Standards
Students: Innovative Designer, Students: Knowledge Constructor
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Rhonda Rhodes

Posted on 4/20/12 12:50:57 PM Permalink

Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I used your idea during the beginning of the year and it was a huge success. The students got it quickly! Thanks for sharing a great lesson.

Susan Bromirski

Posted on 11/1/11 11:24:46 PM Permalink

This is great. I used to do this when I first started teaching Digital Art and wanted a fun way to teach about Layers! Great minds think alike ;0) I would have the students label the layers with the name of the ingredient that was on that layer. I think its a great way to teach students about organization! Love it!

Erin Kelly

Posted on 10/13/11 10:52:03 PM Permalink

I love it, Bre! :)

Jaclyn OConnor

Posted on 10/11/11 3:41:39 PM Permalink

Love it! Can I make mine a veggie burger? :)

I think the kids will enjoy this!!!!!!

Courtney Gould

Posted on 10/11/11 2:15:26 PM Permalink

What an awesome idea, the kids would LOVE this! Laughing

nolyn talalas

Posted on 10/11/11 2:01:29 AM Permalink

this is a wonderful idea!

jen mahoney

Posted on 10/11/11 1:48:55 AM Permalink

Looks great!!

Jenny Cobuzzi

Posted on 10/10/11 11:09:49 PM Permalink

great idea!

kara sheedy

Posted on 10/10/11 8:30:52 PM Permalink

I love it! Amazing!