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Adobe Connect Pro - Recording Room

Quick Idea Published 11/7/10 Last updated on 5/16/18

Connect Pro Educational Project
Application: Acrobat Connect Professional – Meeting Component
Musicians use a music studio to cut a record
Internet Artists use a Connect Room to cut a web recording
Educator Project:
Product: Connect Pro Recording – Web Delivered Presentation – Produced Offline – No Pressure
Usages: Web Presentation – Teachers, Administrators, Students
Product Walk Through
Information Pod
Online Content – Moodle, Blackboard, Training
Meeting Archive
Blog Site Enhancement
Professional Development Workshop – Produced Offline – No Pressure
Electronic Portfolio (Presentation Pod for Culminating Project) – Students
Pre-Production Time: 1 minute to set-up – Meeting Room – Recording Room
Production Time: 5 to 30 minutes
Difficulty Level for Project: Beginner
Material List:
• Connect Pro Meeting Room
• Share Pod – Presenter Picture
• Share Pod - Logo
• Share Pod – To Perform a Screen Share
• Simple Layout
• Flash Paper
• Microphone and/or Headset
Steps: Link Steps to existing Support Content on Adobe’s Website with Acrobat Connect Pro Resource Center
Step 1. Set-up a meeting, call meeting room – Recording Room
Step 2. Remove all pods from existing layout
Step 3. Add three Share Pods
Step 4. Upload Picture in one Share Pod
Step 5. Upload Logo into another Share Pod
Step 6. Expand Last Share Pod to cover large area on layout
Step 7. Plug in Headset, run through audio set-up wizard
Step 8. Start the recording of the meeting
Step 9. Start Sharing of your Desktop
Step 10. End Meeting – Go To Meetings– Recording Room - Recordings and View Recording
Step 11. Make the Recording Public from being Private
Support - Support Center
Resources - Resources
Finished Project Example: Connect Pro Recording –
URL for Viewing:

  • Connect

    Desktop and mobile web conferencing platform for meetings, eLearning, and webinars.

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Hello Dave! I found you on the exchange.