Mary Slumpff

Painting in Live Paint with Illustrator

Technical Tutorial Published 7/24/13 Last updated on 5/16/18

This tutorial covers several Illustrator functions in Live Trace and Live Paint. The students will practice several fine art concepts while they use technology to become proficient. This process is used in the graphic arts industry and will give the students an experience with a real world application.

Age Levels
1+ Week
Custom Standards
See Tutorial
ISTE Standards
Students: Digital Citizen, Students: Innovative Designer, Students: Computational Trainer, Students: Knowledge Constructor

A computer with Illustrator and internet access.

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Carol Bly

Posted on 8/6/13 10:19:51 PM Permalink

Hi, Mary

This looks great - where is the tutorial?


Mary Slumpff

Posted on 8/10/13 8:02:59 PM Permalink

Hi Carol,

Just noticed somehow my tutorial was missing. I have uploaded another copy.

Eric Dumas

Posted on 8/2/13 8:43:48 AM Permalink


I can not see the tutorial

Mary Slumpff

Posted on 8/10/13 8:03:14 PM Permalink

I just uploaded another copy.

Judy Durkin

Posted on 7/29/13 4:38:37 PM Permalink

Where is the tutorial? I would LOVE to do this in my classroom!

Mary Slumpff

Posted on 8/10/13 8:03:42 PM Permalink

Just uploaded another copy.

Melissa Jones

Posted on 7/27/13 4:13:02 AM Permalink

What a great addition to our library, Mary. Thank you!