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Getting started with animation

Lesson Plan Published 3/14/14 Last updated on 6/6/19
Animating your content will make it come to life and creating animations is a core functionality of Adobe Flash Professional. Use this activity to introduce the basics of animation, specifically understanding frames and keyframes, how to work with animations on the timeline, and how to create and work with tweens, including easing tweens, classic tweens, and motion tweens.
  • Animate

    Design interactive vector animations for multiple platforms.

Age Levels
1+ Day
Custom Standards
ACA Flash 3.6, 4.10
ISTE Standards
Students: Computational Trainer
Adobe Flash Professional CC
CC License
Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike
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Shafiq Rehman

Posted on 9/25/19 12:50:55 AM Permalink

​Thanks for sharing

Jeff O'Brien

Posted on 4/8/19 2:16:11 PM Permalink

​I'm trying to create a unit based on Animate for Adobe. Is there a curriculum guide for this? I took the class 2 years ago and I cannot find the Tutorials or Projects from that class.

Joe Norton

Posted on 1/31/19 6:23:38 PM Permalink

Useful resources; moving from Edge Animate to Animate​

Mohamed Moolla

Posted on 12/30/18 7:32:37 PM Permalink

​Excellent share thank you

Shawn P McDonough

Posted on 11/25/18 11:11:34 PM Permalink

​Has Adobe created a high school classroom curriculum for Adobe Animate CC?

Jeff O'Brien

Posted on 4/8/19 2:16:52 PM Permalink

I've been looking for this as well. Have you found any curriculum for Adobe Animate? ​