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Technical Tutorial Published 4/23/12 Last updated on 5/31/19
Use this collection of technical tutorials, from the Visual Design curriculum, to learn how to use Adobe Illustrator CS6. Technical guides include: 1. Overview of Adobe Illustrator CS6 workspace 2. How to create vector artwork 3. How to draw in Illustrator 4. How to draw in perspective with Illustrator 5. How to use symbols and patterns

To view this PDF Portfolio, please save the file to your desktop and open with Acrobat 9 or Adobe Reader 9, or later.

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Arif Rizvi

Posted on 1/27/20 11:51:36 AM Permalink

​Can you provide this pdf in other Languages like urdu & hindi


Posted on 6/6/19 4:39:35 PM Permalink

This guide is very useful for someone who starts with illustrator and vector drawing.


Posted on 6/3/19 5:12:47 PM Permalink

Very nice, very helpful thank you

Jonathan Doyle

Posted on 4/27/19 4:24:08 AM Permalink

Stoyanka Veselinova

Posted on 4/3/19 2:22:50 PM Permalink

​Thank you !

noch sokla

Posted on 2/2/19 5:40:45 AM Permalink

​Thank you for provide me knowledge

Ramos Arias Manuela

Posted on 1/28/19 3:18:20 PM Permalink

Great guide. Thank you for share with us


Posted on 1/17/19 6:56:40 PM Permalink

​great guide, escpecialy for a beginar likr myself.

Dickson U

Posted on 9/15/18 5:02:21 PM Permalink

A great guide and more insight into the app. Kudos to the author(s).

Edward Bustillos

Posted on 8/19/18 6:48:53 AM Permalink

​Learned a lot from this. Thank you very much.

Avonn Nova

Posted on 8/16/18 2:33:23 AM Permalink

​Great resources.

Georges Van Cauwenbergh

Posted on 7/17/17 7:39:31 PM Permalink

The pdf is great, I have not seen something like this before. Thank you very much.​

Solin Tem

Posted on 1/14/17 5:58:27 PM Permalink


silvio nocilla

Posted on 9/1/16 11:33:14 AM Permalink

Is there a particular PDF or all PDF files ?

silvio nocilla

Posted on 9/1/16 11:30:23 AM Permalink

Hi Anita let me check what is the issue and get back to you

Anita Lavigne

Posted on 8/31/16 4:02:59 PM Permalink

the pdf will not open, just the Adobe Reader install update over and over and over...really hate this about Adobe... even when you install the update the file redirects to the same Adobe Reader Update - LAME

Adobe Education

Posted on 8/31/16 4:18:09 PM Permalink

This is a PDF portfolio so it must be saved to your desktop and open with Acrobat 9 or Adobe Reader 9, or later. Click on the document and it should download automatically. Alternatively, right or ctrl-click the download box and save the file.

The AEE Team

Lynn Clifford

Posted on 8/11/16 8:10:53 PM Permalink

Thank you :)

silvio nocilla

Posted on 9/9/15 6:00:02 AM Permalink

You're welcome Farai, if you need further help do not hesitate to ask.

Farai Wakatama

Posted on 9/8/15 9:39:59 PM Permalink

thank you, just what I needed

Baby Designer

Posted on 1/21/15 6:08:04 AM Permalink

Thanks a lot! Hope it'll be helpful :)

Christina Hauri

Posted on 11/23/14 7:23:33 PM Permalink

Exactly what I needed! Thanks so much!

Mark `Adamowski

Posted on 9/4/13 1:50:34 AM Permalink

I've been stumbling my way around illustrator this week. This information will save me so much time learning a great tool.

Ron Fredericks

Posted on 5/10/13 9:00:55 AM Permalink

Adobe Education

Posted on 5/13/13 2:23:17 AM Permalink

Hi Ron,

Thank you for letting us know - we've fixed the link.


~Adobe Education

J mi

Posted on 2/11/13 7:22:52 PM Permalink

THX :)

Carroll Glass

Posted on 1/21/13 6:58:27 AM Permalink


chavda sanjay

Posted on 1/21/13 6:42:38 AM Permalink


Carroll Glass

Posted on 1/7/13 2:08:12 PM Permalink

Thank you Sejal! The last link received in my email has been and is very helpful and instructive. I appreciate the time that we have spent together and am already having a better New Year because of it. Thank you again and best fortunes to you.


sejal pariyani

Posted on 1/6/13 1:50:42 PM Permalink

tnanks a lot:)

vinodhkumar raju

Posted on 11/16/12 7:08:28 AM Permalink

Thank you, enlightened


Posted on 11/4/12 10:19:24 PM Permalink

Thank you.The content is very helpful.

Carroll Glass

Posted on 10/4/12 4:29:26 PM Permalink

Thank you, this is appreciated!

Jeff Larson

Posted on 9/3/12 3:14:47 AM Permalink

This is a great intro and resource for students, especially for CS6.


Posted on 8/21/12 2:54:26 PM Permalink


godfrey sarmenta

Posted on 8/12/12 1:10:20 PM Permalink

Thanks ! :)

Yacine Nouari

Posted on 4/24/12 9:32:38 PM Permalink

great intro for the this verstile application many thanks

silvio nocilla

Posted on 4/24/12 6:32:28 AM Permalink

Thank you for this very useful