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InDesign Storyboard Template

Lesson Plan Published 5/17/16 Last updated on 3/2/20

I create a lot of storyboards using InDesign. The reason being is that you can easily drag/drop images from a CC library into it. To expedite the storyboard process I create an InDesign doc. For example once you are completed with your sequence images in for example Photoshop and Illustrator--you can select all of them at once either in a folder or from your CC library and start dropping the images in the rectangle frame in sequential order. Each frame I already formatted to "fit content to frame" in the ID doc so you can do it quickly. Just remember to make sure the rectangle frame is "active" when you start dropping the images in the ID doc.

Once completed you can either keep the ID doc as is or convert it to a pdf file for students to use for their storyboard. Or just have your students use the ID doc to learn about InDesign too. As for images created in Photoshop and Illustrator create an assets folder and create a file name that has the seq # associated to it for easy reference and retrieval. This little handy ID doc can also be tweaked for video, animations, and game design storyboards too. And you can actually convert the ID to an interactive PDF too. Attached is the InDesign Doc.

For some reason I am unable to upload to the Exchange right now here is a link to Dropbox:

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