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Algebra Basics (Captivate 7 file included)

Presentation Published 7/25/13 Last updated on 5/16/18

Algebra Basics was created for the pre-course review lesson for Algebra 2; however, it should be useful at lower levels as an introduction to algebra as well. If you have Captivate 7 you can easily split up the topics, add to the lesson, or make other customizations. The base of this lesson can be useful as a template for other algebra lessons with the little stick it notes being there to remind students to simplify (combine like terms and distributive property) and the order of transformation steps.

Topics covered in this lesson:

Much emphasis is placed on helping students to understand the similarities and differences between PEMDAS, distributive property, and the order of steps done in transformations. This is often and area of confusion to students new to algebra. There is a solid emphasis on the differences of combining like terms between addition and subtraction of like terms and the rules regarding multiplication and division of like terms. This is another area that often trips up students new to algebra.

Terms: expression, algebraic expression, equation, algebraic equation, monomials, binomials, trinomials, polynomials. like terms, simplification, transformation, and more.

Interactive activities included: A drag and drop like term sorting activity, data entry at key steps in solving an algebraic equation

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Adobe Education

Posted on 8/20/13 10:50:11 PM Permalink

Hi Tammy - We think the issue is that .cptx is not an accepted file type on the Adobe Education Exchange. Obviously, that is an oversight on our part and we'll fix it to make it a recognized file type.

In the meantime, I noticed that when I downloaded the Captivate file, my browser asked me if I wanted to download it as a .cptx file or as a .zip file. I chose .cptx and it downloaded fine but the file wouldn't open. Then I tried it as a .zip file and it downloaded and opened up fine. So, perhaps if you upload it as a .zip, rather than a .cptx file, it won't cause issues. .zip files are already recognized file types on the AEE.

Thanks for providing the workaround for those folks who want your files!

Nancy Parker

Posted on 8/2/13 1:32:42 PM Permalink

Tammy, I have sent an alert to a person at Adobe that may be able to help with this issue. I have included your name so that you may be contacted. A " true professional educator" you are for all your shared resources, AND your dedication to making the experience WORK!!!!!!

Glad that you are with the "Home School," family. We need you. Hopefully, Adobe will recognize the "Home School," community and provide cost effective resources for those of us that work with these students.

Tammy Moore

Posted on 7/26/13 2:06:49 PM Permalink

The last few days the new project zip files for Captivate have not worked properly. I can unzip them on my system before uploading and the files are fine, but the ones that download from AEE do not unzip properly. I had no problems before the last few days. So, I have a work around in place. Go to the Try It link. The Captivate file can be downloaded from there fine.