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Graffiti Text That's Reusable

Posted on Oct 27, 2015 by Brian O'Dell Last updated on Jun 6, 2017
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Graffiti Text and Design

This tutorial is an easy what to illustrate and design graffiti text that can be re-used. This means you don't have to redesign the entire effect, just re-type the words. Its a beginner project so experience isn't needed. I have my students illustrate a graffiti design on a wall, street, building, train or rail cars etc. Just an artistic fun concept that allows students creative freedom centered around a theme of music, art, sports, etc. You can determine the criteria needed and Photography teachers can give photo guidelines to incorporate standards for photos and illustration designs. Skies the limit on this concept!

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Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator

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edward portz

Posted on Feb 3, 2016 - Permalink

does not work for photoshop elements

Celine hat

Posted on Nov 12, 2015 - Permalink

Thanks for this information Adobe.