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DESIGN YOUR NAME: Beginning Graphic Design Project

Project Published 8/31/12 Last updated on 3/2/20
The Project: Design your first and last name (middle name is optional) on a 500 px wide x 400px tall space. Research typeface specimens from various sources as well as what is loaded on the lab. computer your own computer. Write down 2 to 3 adjectives that best describes your personality or spirit. Then find typefaces that you believe express' your personality or spirit. Give careful consideration to the positive and negative space relationships and the space between the letterforms. Objective: This first exercise is designed to familiarize you with type as a pure design element as well as to communicate verbal language.
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Victor Gonzalez

Posted on 11/8/19 8:37:01 AM Permalink

​Nice project. It can also be used with all kind of words (nouns, adjectives, adverbs, etc) Thanks for sharing.

Hulda Black

Posted on 10/14/19 9:18:57 PM Permalink

I love this idea. I was able to open PDF but the example slide show would not open. To you have any exemplars to share?

Elizabeth Albertson

Posted on 8/16/17 4:07:27 AM Permalink

​The example slideshow and detailed project description link isn't up to date. It takes you to somewhere else.

Too bad, this looks like a good project for beginners. Would love to view the examples!

Michael Cole

Posted on 10/4/12 1:16:42 PM Permalink

Thanks Kris. I would be interested in seeing the results.

Kris Fontes

Posted on 10/4/12 1:15:21 AM Permalink

Excellent examples. I will definitely use this with my high school graphic design students.

Michael Cole

Posted on 9/12/12 2:30:56 PM Permalink

Thanks everyone, much appreciated.

Janet Russeau

Posted on 9/12/12 2:12:57 PM Permalink

Wonderful examples of the beauty of type. The students showed great expression and creativity in their work. Sometimes the students learn and try more when they have a personal investment in an assignment.

silvio nocilla

Posted on 9/11/12 5:06:23 PM Permalink

Very interesting exercise. Full creative typography, very nice

Michael Cole

Posted on 9/3/12 11:30:28 PM Permalink

Thanks Jeff for your comments. Much appreciated.

Jeff Larson

Posted on 9/2/12 9:29:06 PM Permalink

Nice examples of teaching students about the elegance and simplicity of space and design using their names. Great intro to graphic design fundamentals.