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Kick Starting Creativity Using the Restriction Method (Webinar Recording Link)

Posted on 5/9/16 by Kev Lavery Last updated on 6/8/17


self portrait 15: Meat Kev

Recording of my Adobe webinar on using the restriction method

The restriction method is a really valuable technique for encouraging creative thinking, problem solving and boundary-less play. Placing restrictions on tasks or processes can open up entirely new approaches to skills, techniques or ideas. It's seems counter-intuitive but it is a great way to help kick-start creative thinking.

How many different ways could you animate the same image? I set myself this challenge in 2015 and I am still finding heaps of new ways of doing it (and developing new skills)



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Antwone Morris

Posted on 5/27/17 - Permalink

​They say necessity is the mother of innovation. No wonder when we feel the need add to a restrictive circumstance, innovation is born. Very interesting method indeed!

David Badgley

Posted on 12/29/16 - Permalink

​Great idea about the restrictions and the examples you shared in the presentation were great. I am going to look up the BMW examples to share with my colleagues. Thanks!!

Claire Richards

Posted on 8/7/16 - Permalink

I really like the concept and it is a good way to be grateful and work with rather than against the restrictions of a particular creative brief or situation.