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Animate to Educate (To The Core) With Adobe Edge Animate

Technical Tutorial Published 8/15/13 Last updated on 2/28/20

This step-by-step tutorial iBook uses multimedia and screen shots to introduce you to building instructional animations for core curricular areas. You don't have to have any prior experience with Edge Animate to successfully build these animations. All you need is an iPad and Edge Animate on your Mac or Windows computer to create these animations. Many of these designs were produced by 10 - 13 year old students in Flash and converted to html5 with Edge. The iBook is free, so there's nothing to lose...think of the gain!!!

Edge Animate makes it easy. You and your students will love the results!

Age Levels
1+ Day
ISTE Standards
Students: Innovative Designer, Students: Knowledge Constructor

Adobe Edge Animate is required (v 1.5 or CC)

Image editor (Photoshop, Fireworks) is helpful

To use as a widget - Apple iBooks Author is necessary

CC License
Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike
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Shafiq Rehman

Posted on 9/5/19 11:43:38 PM Permalink

Excellent resource thanks for sharing

William Cortez

Posted on 6/3/19 3:52:27 PM Permalink

​This is educational. Thanks for sharing.

Ahmed Belal

Posted on 11/28/18 7:42:35 PM Permalink

​Thanks for Sharing

Brian Dawson

Posted on 9/6/13 12:48:51 PM Permalink

By request (thank you all for your interest in developing core lessons with Edge):

A pdf version of this iBook tutorial has been added to my resources. You may now use this static version of my tutorial to create interactive animations using Edge Animate for web or android devices on Windows platform as well as on the Mac with iBooks Author (widgets).

Animate to Educate (pdf version)

Elaine Langille

Posted on 9/5/13 2:23:28 PM Permalink

Do you have a link that is not iTunes related? Would love to look at this on PC if possible, if not then need android tablet link. Thanks, Elaine

Brian Dawson

Posted on 9/5/13 4:18:50 PM Permalink

Hi Elaine,

Thank you for your interest. Sorry, this ebook is only for iOS. I created it using Apple's iBooks Author and it can only be used on an Apple mobile device. The next Mac OS version promises to have an iBook reader, but no word on it being developed for windows or android. I will create a pdf version this week, but the multimedia and animations will be static only. I'll post it here when completed.

Kathryn StAmant

Posted on 9/3/13 11:43:26 PM Permalink

Did you create the PDF?

Brian Dawson

Posted on 9/5/13 4:19:54 PM Permalink

Hi Kathryn,

I didn't. Your note is the first request for that. I'll do it this weekend and post it.

Thanks for your interest!

Filemon Casillas

Posted on 9/3/13 11:16:08 PM Permalink

Wy not in pdf format? Thanks

Brian Dawson

Posted on 9/5/13 4:21:33 PM Permalink

I'm working on it. Thanks for your interest. I'll post it this weekend!

Yossi Klein

Posted on 9/3/13 3:31:26 PM Permalink

Do you have an Android link please? Or a weblink which is NOT iTunes based?



Brian Dawson

Posted on 9/5/13 4:20:58 PM Permalink

Mark `Adamowski

Posted on 8/20/13 11:14:41 PM Permalink

Thanks for the link.

Brian Dawson

Posted on 8/21/13 12:42:12 AM Permalink

:-) You're welcome. Good Luck!