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Camera shutter-speed simulation

Digital Asset Published 8/26/13 Last updated on 2/28/20

This Flash-based animation will allow the user to view a scene of a waterfall as if viewed through a single lens reflex (SLR) camera viewfinder, adjust the exposure settings by moving a (virtual) control dial which will alter the shutter-speed and reciprocal aperture setting, click the (virtual) shutter button, and view the resulting image based on the chosen shutter speed. Users will appreciate the difference in how the moving water of the waterfall is captured at faster and slower shutter-speeds. For example, at faster shutter-speeds, the individual water droplets are frozen mid-air, whereas at slower shutter-speeds, the water takes on a smooth, silky appearance owing to the blurring of the detail.

This resource will also help users appreciate the reciprocal values of shutter-speed and aperture in order to maintain the correct exposure when either one is altered.

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Jill DeWert

Posted on 12/13/13 3:15:40 PM Permalink

Brilliant, thank you!

The only way this *might* be better, is if the shutter noise matched (or was close to) what the camera would sound like at the slower shutter speeds.

Rita Jordan

Posted on 10/8/13 3:14:32 PM Permalink

This series is wonderful... more please!

Kari Kirsch

Posted on 9/5/13 2:30:07 PM Permalink


These resources you have shared are fantastic! This is my first year incorporating photography into my graphics course and your resources will really be fantastic!