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Game design and planning

Posted on Mar 14, 2014 by Adobe Education Last updated on Jun 8, 2017


In this project, students, working in teams, begin to plan and design a simple interactive game they will create by using Adobe Flash Professional. Each student team interprets a client’s needs in proposing design solutions for the game’s navigation scheme, page layout, look and feel, and flow. Students write specific design documents to help them communicate clearly with the client.

The focus of this project is working on a team and designing for someone else, emphasizing the following: the design-team process for game development, team-client interaction for incorporating feedback and changes throughout the development of the game, and team-client communication using design documents and evaluating games in preparation for the design. In Project 3: Building a Flash game, student teams will build and launch the client game, completing the full design production process.

Student products: Design production project plan and game-design planning document; flowchart, script or user scenario, storyboard, and design comps

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