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Vector graphics and drawing in Illustrator

Posted on Apr 5, 2017 by Shaloni Naik Last updated on Jun 8, 2017


This is a recording of a 30 min EdEx live event entitled Vector graphics and drawing in Illustrator. First 10-15 minutes is a presentation about project ideas and student work samples. the last 15 minutes is a live demo in Adobe Illustrator showing more projects ideas, tools and features of Illustrator.

Recording link: https://my.adobeconnect.com/pcrjbm5oxir8/

My youtube channel with more video tutorials and student work: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwlkcF-LbMUoXIKiQ...

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How to make a minimal poster using Adobe Illustrator

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Graphic Design & Illustration with Adobe Illustrator
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