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Cyberbulling PSA

Lesson Plan Published 7/28/10 Last updated on 5/16/18
Students will create a 30 to 60 second public service announcement on cyberbullying. Students will research the topic (see handout for resources). Then they wrtie a script and storyboard for pre-production. From there they shoot (production) and edit (post-production). They have one day to plan, two days to shoot and two days to edit.
  • Adobe Premiere Pro

    Edit media in its native format and create productions for film, TV, and web.

  • Adobe Premiere Elements

    Organize, edit, create, and share your videos.

Age Levels
1+ Week
Custom Standards
  • The students will demonstrate knowledge of the history of communications, industry terminology, ethics, and law.
  • The student will demonstrate appropriate communication skills.
  • The student will demonstrate pre-production, production, and post-production practices that reflect industry standards.
ISTE Standards
Students: Creative Communicator, Students: Empowered Learner, Students: Digital Citizen, Students: Innovative Designer



Video Camera

Editing software (Adobe Premiere Pro or Adobe Premiere Elements)

Grading rubric and group evaluation

CC License
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Shafiq Rehman

Posted on 9/2/19 9:06:10 PM Permalink

​Thanks brains i love the work u put up and most important the topic thanks for sharing

Deborah Hargroves

Posted on 9/22/10 2:10:53 PM Permalink

Thanks, Brian! This will be a very helpful guide for me.

Sara Martin

Posted on 8/28/10 6:20:56 AM Permalink

Great! This will be helpful when we do our PSA's, which is coming up soon. Thanks for sharing your great resources!

Brian Reedy

Posted on 8/23/10 2:50:27 AM Permalink

Nice video by your kids. Subtle simply illustrated about the choices they have. Thanks!

Mike Skocko

Posted on 8/23/10 12:46:59 AM Permalink

This one is going straight to my video team. Thanks, Brian.

Related Note: My kids tried their hand at a Stop Bullying campaign last year. Posters went up around the school and this video on the Web. Bullying, cyber or otherwise, needs to be brought to the attention of more students. Kids can be so cruel without realizing the damage they might be causing. Keep fighting the good fight!

Eva LaMar

Posted on 8/14/10 5:07:42 AM Permalink

The resources are great in your handout. The links with examples of good and bad video clips are a big help. The planning guides, along with the coding for the types of shots, is a big help for those of us who are not quite as skilled in the filming techniques. Thanks for sharing.