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Collages and Photography

Project Published 11/12/13 Last updated on 6/6/19

To produce quality images for print, web, and video, students need to understand essential graphic design principles and how digital images are created. Adobe Photoshop is an image manipulation tool that can help students analyze, enhance, and edit images.

In this project, students learn the basics of photography, image composition, and elements of visual design as they create a collage.

Students take photos and gather images from various sources, identifying elements of visual design that reflect good composition. They use Photoshop to retouch and manipulate these photos and images to build a collage. Through this process, they learn about copyright issues and document their learning by creating a final PDF in Adobe Acrobat.

Student product: Collage

  • Files updated on December 5, 2016 to Adobe Photoshop CC 2017 (November 2016) release.
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    • Acrobat

      The complete PDF solution for working anywhere. (includes desktop, web, and mobile access)

    • Photoshop

      Editing and compositing for photos, web and mobile app designs, 3D artwork, videos, and more.

    Age Levels
    1+ Week
    Custom Standards
    ACA Photoshop, ACA Illustrator, ACA InDesign
    Communication and Collaboration, Research and Information Fluency, Digital Citizenship, Creativity and Innovation, Technology Operations and Concepts, Critical Thinking Problem Solving and Decision Making

    Adobe Photoshop CC, digital camera

    CC License
    Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike
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    Stoyanka Veselinova

    Posted on 4/3/19 3:04:29 PM Permalink

    ​Thank you very much

    Ali Imam Reza

    Posted on 3/20/19 3:08:33 PM Permalink

    ​thanks for sharing

    yvette Worboys

    Posted on 3/5/19 11:15:44 PM Permalink

    ​This is a great resource thank you so much for sharing

    Judy Durkin

    Posted on 1/12/19 7:39:03 PM Permalink

    Terrific help to my program. Thank you!

    Judy Durkin

    Posted on 8/22/18 5:06:17 PM Permalink

    So much to absorb - but great stuff. I think I am going to do a David Hockney bent to the assignment for the collages.​

    Carlos Andres Orozco Palacio

    Posted on 5/1/18 7:18:48 PM Permalink

    ​very nice resource for the class, thanks for sharing.

    Derek Ford

    Posted on 1/3/18 10:28:25 PM Permalink

    ​I'd love to see some student examples from someone who has implemented this project.

    Benji Derdeyn

    Posted on 1/30/18 11:57:45 PM Permalink

    ​I can send you some soon. I am bout to finish this activity with my students.

    Justin Barnes

    Posted on 8/8/18 8:36:17 AM Permalink

    Benji - crushing it brah

    Camille Dogbe

    Posted on 9/20/18 5:38:52 PM Permalink

    Can you please share your student examples? My email is

    Britney Nichols

    Posted on 11/27/18 5:23:56 PM Permalink

    Can I also see the content?

    Britney Nichols

    Posted on 11/27/18 5:23:34 PM Permalink

    Same here :) ​

    Marlene Nagy

    Posted on 5/27/17 7:24:27 PM Permalink

    ​I must be blind! I cannot find the instructions to this lesson. What do I need to do to view the instructions for this lesson and all other lessons on the site?

    Adobe Education

    Posted on 5/31/17 6:57:31 PM Permalink

    Very strange the resources were missing. I just ​reposted them. Sorry for the issue.

    Adobe Education

    Posted on 12/6/16 6:07:42 PM Permalink

    We recently updated our files to the Adobe Photoshop CC 2017 (November 2016) release. We've also added links to image assets used in the step-by-step technical guides.


    ​The AEE Team

    Charline Browne

    Posted on 7/25/16 11:44:48 PM Permalink

    Great resource, TKS

    Dionne Felix

    Posted on 5/8/16 3:06:05 AM Permalink

    This is a great resource! Thank you. :)

    Ibrahim Aledane

    Posted on 3/29/16 3:45:36 PM Permalink

    Great resource Many Thanks

    Penny McConnell

    Posted on 3/27/16 11:55:38 PM Permalink

    Such a great resource and reference material. Thank you.

    Kelly Iovine

    Posted on 3/17/16 5:13:04 PM Permalink

    I really like how this lesson is very clearly written out. It is also very practical.

    Maria Breger

    Posted on 3/15/16 5:47:11 PM Permalink

    thank you!

    Steve Williams

    Posted on 1/5/16 7:38:15 PM Permalink

    Any chance someone has put together a good test bank or quiz questions for this?

    Kat Acierno

    Posted on 2/29/16 6:30:16 PM Permalink


    Salheddine Boumaraf

    Posted on 10/17/15 9:04:33 AM Permalink

    Nice project to start, thanks.

    Ydaliz Negron

    Posted on 8/16/15 3:59:27 PM Permalink

    thanks for sharing!

    Barbara Nwacha

    Posted on 8/14/15 7:35:43 PM Permalink

    very nice resources

    Salman Khan Ghauri

    Posted on 8/8/15 8:16:52 PM Permalink

    Nice resource, thanks for sharing!

    Ms Lynn Cobbs

    Posted on 7/28/15 2:22:24 AM Permalink

    This is a great resource. I am adding to my resource list.

    Cristina BOSIO FERRER

    Posted on 7/22/15 4:31:48 AM Permalink

    Excelent guide! Thank you Adobe :-)

    Dhanaraj Keezhara

    Posted on 7/18/15 8:18:48 AM Permalink

    very helpful. thanks

    charles mills

    Posted on 7/17/15 2:18:05 PM Permalink

    This is an excellent resource! Thank you!

    Wilder Bolanos Gomez

    Posted on 7/9/15 6:30:47 PM Permalink

    Thanks for the input, is helpful.

    Linda Lord

    Posted on 7/6/15 4:22:11 PM Permalink

    This seems like an excellent way to brush up on my PS skills. Creating an "old school" selfie!

    Thanks Adobe!

    Donna Enard

    Posted on 2/22/15 9:56:28 PM Permalink

    I like this type of planning. Hope to be able to do some of it myself. It would be nice to see some of the students work.

    D. Enard

    judith golombowski

    Posted on 8/25/14 10:37:01 PM Permalink

    Hi Love this information but it would be nice to have the resource images that go with the booklets.

    Karen Henchy

    Posted on 3/24/14 7:16:21 PM Permalink

    It is wonderful that you have made such a marvelous curriculum/standards available to teachers and students. Kudo's to Adobe Education.