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Principles of Design

Posted on 2/4/14 by Paula Droddy Last updated on 6/8/17
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Graphic Design
Age Levels
15-16, 17-18
color theory, Design Principles, file formats
Products Used
  • Dreamweaver
  • Photoshop
  • Fireworks
  • Illustrator


I use this unit at the beginning of the year to introduce my graphics students to the concepts that will help them to create attractive designs. I break it up into sections; the sections have their own quizzes, assignments and such. I will upload some of these assignments as well. I included information that I was expected to know for the Tech Apps certification here in Texas. Also, I included concepts listed in the TEKS. I will probably add to it over the years. This is only my second year teaching graphics and my third year teaching web. As a public education teacher and under Fair Use I have included some images from other sources but many are my own.

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  • 5/5 | 9 Ratings
All Comments (12)

Thabiso Mofokeng

Posted on 2/3/17 - Permalink

Hi Paula,

Thanks for the great tutorial. Do you know a good book I can use for my Principles of Design class?



Paula Droddy

Posted on 2/6/17 - Permalink

​I am currently at a tech conference. I'll look around for ya. I currently use a book by Cengage to teach photoshop and illustrator. This PowerPoint I put together just using the knowledge that I acquired over the years though.


Posted on 12/15/16 - Permalink

​I was not able to open the file. The file format is not supported.

Sylvan Adams

Posted on 7/17/16 - Permalink

Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful presentation!

Kirstin Smith

Posted on 9/22/14 - Permalink

Is there anyway I can modify it and I think you did a great job!! :) I am teaching Principles of AV in Pearland.

Paula Droddy

Posted on 10/7/14 - Permalink

I will post up a ppt doc. You should be able to edit that file type. Hope you have a great year.

Jay hong

Posted on 9/2/14 - Permalink

anybody having problem opening the resource file?

I am having problem opening it.


Paula Droddy

Posted on 9/9/14 - Permalink

Still having trouble?

Jay hong

Posted on 9/9/14 - Permalink

Thank you. I got it to open now. I use open with power point.

Jennifer Herrell

Posted on 7/24/14 - Permalink

Thank you for giving me some new ideas on teaching Principles of Design. I look forward to your updates!

jonathan hong

Posted on 2/11/14 - Permalink

Thank you for sharing. Can’t wait for your resource updates. Thanks again.

Debbie Ernst

Posted on 2/6/14 - Permalink

Great resource - easy to read and very comprehensive. Thank you!

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