Vijeta Bhatia
Program Coordinator

Adobe After Effect in 16 sessions

Curriculum Published 5/17/14 Last updated on 5/16/18

Its a 16-session course breakup for teaching After Effects to a fresh starter and give complete advanced knowledge of Adobe After Effects.

  • After Effects

    Create motion graphics and visual effects for film, TV, video, and web.

Age Levels
1+ Month
Content Standards
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Students: Knowledge Constructor
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DeAndre Smith

Posted on 7/8/16 2:47:51 AM Permalink

I am not able to download the files

Rebecca Sandifer

Posted on 11/4/15 8:22:00 PM Permalink

I am looking for the course information/syllabus and videos. Are these posted somewhere else?


Lori Matthews

Posted on 9/7/15 3:58:35 AM Permalink

Looking for the links to the videos as well?

Anthony Hamlin

Posted on 3/17/15 8:27:49 PM Permalink

Vijeta Bhatia, are the video files available? Here in the Exchange?

Charles Millard

Posted on 12/9/14 12:35:37 PM Permalink

I am not able to download the resource file. Is there something that I am missing?

Vijeta Bhatia

Posted on 11/8/14 8:31:28 AM Permalink

Thank you for your concern Wes and Katrina!

The videos for the given sessions are not available online yet. Please let me know if you wanted it?

Wes Hines

Posted on 11/6/15 6:37:54 PM Permalink

Thanks Vijeta.. I would like to get the videos for this session

Wes Hines

Posted on 11/4/14 3:23:06 PM Permalink

Is there a link to any video files for the 16 sessions?

Katrina Nicholson

Posted on 11/5/14 11:10:49 PM Permalink

HI Wes

Did you find a link to the video files?

Wes Hines

Posted on 11/6/15 6:38:59 PM Permalink

Hi Katrina,
I have responded to Vijeta requesting the video links for this..