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From sketch to Adobe Animate CC Bones

Technical Tutorial Published 3/3/16 Last updated on 8/14/18

This tutorial shows you the workflow from a sketch on paper to an animation. Make your drawing on paper and capture it with the app Adobe Capture on your smart device. It will convert your sketch into vector shapes and it sends it directly to the creative cloud library.

In Adobe Animate CC you can import your sketch within seconds from your CC Library panel. And then finish it up, convert it to symbols, color it and... use the bone tool to animate it.

  • Adobe Capture CC

    Turn any image into a color theme, vector graphic, brush, and more.

  • Animate

    Design interactive vector animations for multiple platforms.

Age Levels
1+ Day
Content Standards
Rich Media Communication with Adobe Flash
Creativity and Innovation
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Gwen Meltzer

Posted on 8/2/18 5:29:58 PM Permalink

Excellent - great tutorial - easy to understand and follow!​

Margaret Purvis

Posted on 7/15/18 9:45:32 PM Permalink

Thanks for the instructions on shapes really helpful​

Judy Durkin

Posted on 5/21/18 5:02:35 PM Permalink

Thank you, maybe this is the answer to my frustrations with animation character development.

Antonio Hilario

Posted on 2/21/17 4:54:28 AM Permalink

​Thanks for this tutorial!

Steve Michaud

Posted on 5/17/16 8:08:12 PM Permalink


Tarek Bahaa El Deen

Posted on 5/17/16 6:01:17 PM Permalink

Very helpful tutorial,
hank you for sharing.

Judith Decker

Posted on 4/22/16 3:47:59 AM Permalink

Thank you for a wonderful demonstration.
Glad the bone tool is back!

Judith Decker

Posted on 4/22/16 3:47:05 AM Permalink

Amanda Lucas

Posted on 4/6/16 7:09:54 AM Permalink

Really great tutorial, thank you.

Bo Falola

Posted on 4/5/16 11:13:17 PM Permalink

Great tutorial never realised what the bone tool was for and you made it very clear.

Amit Narendra

Posted on 4/5/16 2:48:05 PM Permalink

I Think this is going to be Amazing...but need to see it again.

Thanks a lot.

Wilder Bolanos Gomez

Posted on 3/7/16 3:40:19 PM Permalink